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The Geeky Weekly: October 5 – October 18

by Laura Cerroneon October 18, 2015
Did you miss us? As promised, the Geeky Weekly is back after my hiatus, also known as New York Comic Con. You can check out my recap over at this link. Here are some news headlines you may have missed over the past two weeks. This edition of the Geeky Weekly focuses a lot on […]

Black Panther Fan Cast – The Actors Wakanda Deserves

by Alanna Smithon August 12, 2015
Out of all the announced Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Black Panther is the one I’m most excited about. Sure we have Captain America: Civil War coming up, and other exciting solo films and sequels, but I’ve just been waiting for Wakanda to finally hit the big screen in all its glory. At last, the time has […]

WHiH Newsfront is a Real Marvel Cinematic Universe News Channel

by Alanna Smithon July 19, 2015
Part of what makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe so great is that it’s, well, a universe. The MCU spans across films, shorts, tv shows, Netflix series, and of course ties into certain comics, but it also finds ways to be even more interactive by merging with the real world. In this case, by taking the news channel that exists […]

Marvel’s Daredevil Renewed by Netflix for Season Two

by Garyon April 23, 2015
In what should come as no surprise to anyone, anywhere, Marvel’s Daredevil has been renewed by Netflix. Season 2 will premiere sometime in 2016. Daredevil has simultaneously been lauded by critics and fans alike, and while it’s by no means scientific, Rotten Tomatoes users have given the show a 97% fresh rating. In fact, the only […]

Which Team Will Be Featured in the Agents of SHIELD Spinoff?

by Alanna Smithon April 21, 2015
We’ve been hearing about an Agents of SHIELD spin-off for a few weeks now, and yesterday Deadline reported that Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood are finalizing deals to lead the new series. This obviously begs the question of what exactly the show will be about – I mean I highly doubt it’ll just be “The Wild Misadventures […]

Exploring the Afterlife in Agents of SHIELD

by Laura Cerroneon April 7, 2015
Episode 16 – Afterlife Somehow Agents of SHIELD throw a curveball each episode without it being overkill or seen. There were so many surprises popping up in Afterlife that the shock hasn’t quite set in. Or even the aftershocks. Plot wise started out a little slow. The scenes between Skye and Lincoln (newcomer Luke Mitchell) lagged with […]


Agents of SHIELD Brings the Villains

by Laura Cerroneon March 17, 2015
This week in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. beautiful cinematography took the stage, as Cal comprised a team of villains, and Coulson and May turned to May's ex-husband Dr. Andrew Garner (Blair Underwood) to access Skye.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Delivers A Good Time

by Laura Cerroneon March 10, 2015
Episode 12 – Who You Really Are With Lady Sif making her return this to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week the episode pulled in an interesting angle to perpetuate events. And the execution was succinct, entertaining, and full of revelations. One of the biggest differences between this second season and AOS’s first, slower season, is the characters […]

Who Should Be The First Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man?

by Shani Alleyneon March 9, 2015
The fires of excitement have been going for a few weeks over the Marvel deal to co-produce the next Spider-man movie. Recently The Wrap reporter Jeff Sneider threw some more gasoline on the fire during a recent Meet the Movie Press podcast when he slyly implied that his insider sources had told him that it […]

A Brief History of The Vision

by Laura Cerroneon March 7, 2015
Before Paul Bettany cements his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe history by playing Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it is time to delve into the character’s history in the great Marvel universe. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby originally created the character in November 1940. The name of the android first appeared under Timely Comics’ Marvel […]