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Avengers: Infinity War, Ten Years in the Making (Spoiler Free Review)

by Garyon April 27, 2018
Avengers: Infinity War has been billed as the most ambitious crossover event in history (a fact which is now a meme). After watching the film, you can see why. Give or take 20 of the actors (I won’t list them all because spoilers) have had their name at the top of a movie poster or […]

Jennifer Spence Talks Travelers

by Garyon December 18, 2017
“It’s a massive risk,” Jennifer Spence, the actor that plays Grace on Travelers, says about the season finale airing on Monday, December 18th on Showcase. “I can’t believe it’s all happening so soon,” she quickly adds, somewhat cryptically. Season two has moved at a breakneck pace and has taken fans through a dark and twisted look […]

Knightfall: A Promise of Things to Come

by Garyon December 13, 2017
If you’re a fan of History’s Vikings, you may have anxiously awaited the arrival of Knightfall, another History series (on A&E TV in the United States) that looks to carve its own notch into the ledger of historical drama. This review does not contain plot-specific spoilers. The first episode begins with a high-octane battle, with knights and […]

Vikings Season Five Is Coming

by Garyon November 28, 2017
“Epic. Literally, epic.” That’s how actor Alex Høgh Andersen describes season five of Vikings, the season premiere of which airs on Wednesday, November 29th, on History. It seems hard to top the events of the previous season, where cords were cut, and major characters seemed to die by the handful. “It’s getting so big,” Andersen […]

Showcase’s Marvel’s Runaways Offers A Solid Introduction

by Garyon November 24, 2017
Showcase’s Marvel’s Runaways isn’t hiding its core premise: what happens when a group of teenagers discover that their parents are evil. It’s right there in the show’s synopsis. But that isn’t the only storyline in Showcase’s Marvel’s Runaways. Ultimately, the show is a coming of age story, except instead of growing up and developing into adults, […]

The Brave is the Best Show You May Not Be Watching

by Garyon November 16, 2017
It’s ironic that a show about secret missions is this year’s best kept TV secret. The fall finale of The Brave airs this coming Monday and is likely an explosive end to an exciting first chapter. The show centres on an elite team of Defense Intelligence operators and the expert analysts who support their covert missions around […]

Ransacking the Dungeon: Chatting Dungeons and Dragons with Mike Mearls

by Garyon October 30, 2017
“As you venture further into the tunnel the sunlight dims behind you and your lantern begins casting vicious shadows against the crooked walls. You come to an intersection where the tunnel branches into opposite paths. On the right, the tunnel is slick with muck, covered in a bizarre green fungus you don’t recognize. It almost hisses […]

Working Against Time: Travelers’ Enrico Colantoni

by Garyon October 21, 2017
Travelers exploded into season 2 last week (if you missed the season premiere you can catch it Oct 21st at 10, or Oct 22 at 4:30 on Showcase) and introduced Vincent, played by veteran Canadian actor Enrico Colantoni. This article does not contain spoilers. “Vincent brings conflict,” Colantoni said from Toronto. “[But he also] brings […]

Nesta Cooper Kicks The Future in The Face: Travelers S2

by Garyon October 13, 2017
Nesta Cooper is earnestly Canadian as she talks about season two of Travelers, premiering on Showcase on Monday, October 16th. What can we expect from Season 2? Well “[m]ore” mindblowingness” she exclaims on the phone, clearly just as excited for the show’s season two return as is its rabid fan base. “The first five minutes of […]

The Demon’s Due: An Interview with Peter V. Brett

by Garyon October 10, 2017
“A great horn sounded…[a] quiet dread built in his gut as he waited in the morning stillness, hoping that it had been his imagination…” So begins The Warded Man (known as The Painted Man in the United Kingdom) the first book in the Demon Cycle, a five book series by author Peter V. Brett. We […]