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Deadpool 2 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

by Kaitlyn Smithon May 17, 2018
NOTE: This article contains SPOILERS for Deadpool 2 Follow this link for a spoiler-free review of Deadpool 2. Each easter egg has been ranked from smallest to largest and each heading will include a – SPOILER WARNING. This list of course won’t include the countless jokes and one-liners that allude to popular culture, only things viewers should […]

Deadpool 2 Probed (Ahem, Reviewed) NO SPOILERS!

by Kaitlyn Smithon May 15, 2018
Holy. BALLS. This movie delivers. It’s a crispy slab of gluten slathered in sauce and cheese, brought right to your track suit-laden, love machine ass for post-orgasmic bliss. Yes, that’s right folks. If Deadpool was the main act, Deadpool 2 is curling up to that special someone with a greasy pie, a dirty cigarette and […]

Inspiring Kids With Black Panther and STEAM

by Mel Burkeon February 18, 2018
“This is one of the most intelligent people in the world,” says Rafe Chisolm about the character Black Panther in Marvel’s recently released Afrofuturistic superhero epic. “You don’t see that narrative as a young black person, essentially.” Chisolm, in partnership with organizations like Hidden Genius Project, Black Girls Code and Level Playing Field Institute, has […]

Doctor Strange is a Marvel

by Garyon November 5, 2016
Doctor Strange, on the face of it, is a hard sell. It, like Guardians of the Galaxy, treads new ground for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, integrating magic into a world of science and myth. This review does not contain spoilers. There’s so many things that could go wrong; the magic look could look silly (like […]


Absolution & Ascension Send Agents of SHIELD Off With a Good Finale

by Laura Cerroneon May 18, 2016
Episodes 21 and 22 – Absolution and Ascension Prior to the Agents of SHIELD season finale, Marvel fans were hit with some heavy news. With Agent Carter cancelled and Marvel’s Most Wanted also chopped, Agents of Shield is once again the lone survivor. And it does so with a lot of heart. Moving to the […]

Netflix Reportedly Crafting ‘Punisher’ Spinoff Series

by Laura Cerroneon January 16, 2016
We have only seen him in promotional stills for the upcoming second season of Netflix and Marvel’s ‘Daredevil,’ but according to, it looks like Frank Castle will be getting his own spinoff series. While Marvel already has ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ on their queue, with ‘Luke Cage’ coming out sometime this year, and ‘Iron Fist’ […]

Agent Carter Ready For Action in Season 2 Cast Photos

by Alanna Smithon January 6, 2016
Lights, camera, Carter! With only two weeks left until Agent Carter‘s second season premiere’s, TV Line gives us a look at this season’s cast in some glamorous new photos. Our returning favourites are looking stellar as always, and we also get a look at some of the new players: Lotte Verbeek as the lovely Mrs. Ana […]

Op-Ed: Things I Worry About for Marvel’s Jessica Jones

by Laura Cerroneon November 18, 2015
Let me preface it like this, there is something I worry about for Marvel’s Jessica Jones that I shouldn’t have to. But it seems to be a curse surrounding the majority of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s women. But you may be asking me this, what in heavens are you talking about, the women of Marvel […]


Agents of SHIELD: Many Heads, Way Too Much Awesome!

by Laura Cerroneon November 17, 2015
Episode 8 – Many Heads, One Tale Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor. Agents of SHIELD, if I ever had any doubts of you this season, please mark me wrong, so, so, wrong. In fact, I think I will purely stick to writing everything that was great about the episode. […]

Spoilers, Review and Theories Amidst Agents of SHIELD’s Devils You Know

by Laura Cerroneon October 21, 2015
Episode 4 – Devils You Know Agents of SHIELD promised over the week to continue shaking things up (or in Daisy Johnson’s terms Quake-ing things up) and Devils You Know definitely delivered on the promise. Season three is steeped in mystery, and they just keep piling up. Normally, I get these reviews up right away, […]