Assassins Creed Unity – Time Anomalies

by Marcon October 30, 2014
This is something we have not seen is any other AC gave before.

First lLok at Terminator: Genisys

by Marcon October 30, 2014
Arnold is back in the leather jacket to protect the past from our future.


CurrentC Customer E-mails Hacked

by Marcon October 29, 2014
One of Apple Pay’s biggest competitors have been recently hacked.

Call of Drama: Bounced Cheques

by Marcon October 29, 2014
IGN announces that they will not be releasing their COD: Advanced Warfare review due to a cheque that won’t clear.

Extended Age of Ultron Trailer

by Marcon October 29, 2014
You’re an Asgardian Tony!

The Infinity War is Here

by Marcon October 29, 2014
The good news from Marvel doesn’t stop.


Marvel News Recap

by Marcon October 28, 2014
The amount of news to come out about the Marvel cinematic universe is staggering!

X-Box One Price Cut

by Marcon October 27, 2014
Microsoft slashes prices before the holiday season.


Benedict Cumberbatch to be Cast as Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange

by Marcon October 27, 2014
We welcome the newest big name to the Marvel Film Universe.

Interview with David Hayter

by Jeff Fountainon October 27, 2014
As if voicing a character from a popular video game series (Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid) and writing the screenplays for some big movies (X-Men, X-Men 2, The Watchmen) wasn’t enough, David Hayter decided to try at hand at directing with his first feature film, Wolves.