Arrow Review: Verbal Interactions Rule the Day in “Dangerous Liaisons”

by Jeff Fountainon April 27, 2017
When Arrow returned this week I expected a big display of fighting and fighting and well….more fighting. What I got instead was a deviation from the Adrian Chase plot line (actually, it was a big part of the episode, but he himself was missing in action) and instead an episode devoted to Felicity, her relationship […]
daisy ward

Madame Hydra Takes a Fall in Agents of SHIELD

by Laura Cerroneon April 26, 2017
Episode 19 – All the Madame’s Men With three more episodes left in what has otherwise been a stellar season, All the Madame’s Men fell into Agents of SHIELDs filler trap. While the pawns moved on the board, the running climax diminished at the moment. While action is certainly what kicked off the episode, with […]


The Flash Review: A Peek into the Future in “The Once and Future Flash”

by Jeff Fountainon April 26, 2017
It was great to see The Flash come back in such a character driven episode instead of going over the top with unnecessary pops and whistles. As the end of the season draws closer there are still many mysteries in play, the biggest being the identity of Savitar and if it will be possible to […]

On the Rack: April 26, 2017

by Laura Cerroneon April 25, 2017
Here we go, new comics on the rack. We’re only a few weeks away from Free Comic Book Day, the international nerd holiday. ABSTRACT STUDIOS Motor Girl Volume 1 Real Life TP, $15.99 AFTERSHOCK COMICS Black-Eyed Kids #12, $3.99 Jackpot #5, $3.99 ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS Hillbilly #11, $3.99 Namwolf #1 (Cover A Logan Faerber), $3.99 Namwolf […]


Gotham Review: A Solid Return in “How The Riddler Got His Name”

by Jeff Fountainon April 25, 2017
The Riddler, The Court of Owls, Bruce’s doppelganger…this episode did indeed touch on a lot of important points in the crazy world of Gotham. However, in the end, the episode was all about Cory Michael Smith and his amazing work as Edward Nigma and his birth into The Riddler. Gotham has been building to this […]

Into the Badlands Review: Things Begin To Move Full Circle in “Leopard Stalks Through Snow”

by Jeff Fountainon April 23, 2017
It was nice to finally have an episode that touched on all the storylines, moving them along and watching as they slowly began to move towards to each other, at times even overlapping. Even though it’s pretty obvious that some of these characters were going to meet again, either as friends or enemies, it has […]

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Game of Thrones Teases With Season 7 Promo Photos

by Laura Cerroneon April 20, 2017
The Starks, Lannisters, Mormont, Targaryans and the rest of the Game of Thrones crew are back! Almost. Who will live? Who will die? Who will ascend the Iron Throne? The seventh season premieres July 16 on HBO.   Behold teaser pictures for the new season below:         ICYMI: View the teaser trailer […]

Agents of SHIELD Entertains with No Regrets

by Laura Cerroneon April 19, 2017
Episode 18 – No Regrets Jemma’s old Hydra lab partner doles out Cal’s serum Hyde serum to May to take down Mace. The Framework claimed its second victim, befitting Mace, The Patriot, with a heroic ending. In the same act, his decision also helped May realize that Hydra is indeed bad and help out Daisy, […]


On the Rack: April 19, 2017

by Laura Cerroneon April 18, 2017
Free Comic Book Day is only a few weeks away, but in the mean time check out what is on the rack this week. Lots of good reads, so dig in!   ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT Peter David’s Artful #5 (Cover A Laura Neubert), $3.99 Peter David’s Artful #5 (Cover B Laura Neubert), $4.99 AFTERSHOCK COMICS […]

Into the Badlands Review: All Paths Lead to Quinn in “Monkey Leaps Through Mist”

by Jeff Fountainon April 17, 2017
After having last week off, it was good to see Sunny back in action in an episode that had some very dark moments. While it showed just how brutal life can be outside of the Badlands (life inside is not exactly a ray of sunshine, either) it gave Sunny a chance to drag himself out […]