The Flash Review: Loads of Fun, Lack of Substance in “Mixed Signals”

by Jeff Fountainon October 18, 2017
After the strange and not so wonderful season premiere, it was great to see The Flash go to their strength, that being humor and it really showed with the great one-liners and excellent chemistry. However, the episode still left me wanting, with another meta bad guy that was lame and except for a few instances, […]

Star Trek Discovery Review: Discomfort For All in ‘Choose Your Pain’

by Jeff Fountainon October 16, 2017
As we hit episode five, Star Trek: Discovery has begun to spread its wings a bit, giving us multiple storylines that fit perfectly with the title ‘Choose Your Pain’, delving into the physical and mental stress that some of these people are under and what they do to combat it. Captain Lorca is front and […]


Review: Fear the Walking Dead Plays it Safe in the Two Hour Season Finale

by Jeff Fountainon October 16, 2017
*SPOILERS AHEAD* As I look back on season three and try and figure out what the writers were trying to do, I can’t help but feel a little cheated. Sure there were some deaths, such as Ofelia, Travis and in the end, the whole Otto family, but I’m not really sure if there was ever […]

Interview: Brittany Allen

by Jeff Fountainon October 15, 2017
Recently we had the chance to talk with Brittany about her unconventional zombie apocalypse move It Stains the Sands Red. Was acting something you always wanted to do or did you discover it later on, like a happy accident? Brittany: It was something I always wanted to do. I would invite all the neighbors over […]


Harry Potter Brings out the Child in Us All at the Sony Centre

by Jeff Fountainon October 15, 2017
It goes without saying that the world created by J.K. Rowling, that of Harry Potter, has a popularity that has stretched forth on a global scale. Books, movies, games, toys, it is one of those things that has struck a chord with many in some way, be it magic, the characters or just pure entertainment. […]

Movie Review: “Rabbit” is a Mesmerizing and Mind-Bending Experience

by Jeff Fountainon October 14, 2017
Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2017 With a wonderful vision, soundtrack and a great sense of dread, Luke Shanahan’s Rabbit is a great way to exercise your brain and have a grand time at the movies again, without the need for explosions and aliens and comic book characters coming out of your ass. Part psychological, […]


Nesta Cooper Kicks The Future in The Face: Travelers S2

by Garyon October 13, 2017
Nesta Cooper is earnestly Canadian as she talks about season two of Travelers, premiering on Showcase on Monday, October 16th. What can we expect from Season 2? Well “[m]ore” mindblowingness” she exclaims on the phone, clearly just as excited for the show’s season two return as is its rabid fan base. “The first five minutes of […]

Gotham Review: “The Demon’s Head” is Dark, Disturbing and Gotham at its Best

by Jeff Fountainon October 13, 2017
There is no denying that Gotham can get lost in its own comic universe, trying too hard to please too many. However this week, “The Demon’s Head” showed just how powerful Gotham can be, how dark and twisted a world/city it really is and so that even when there are minor missteps there is something […]


Arrow Review: Season Six Premiere Falls Short in “Fallout”

by Jeff Fountainon October 13, 2017
At the end of last season, with the lives of so many in question, Arrow set itself up for a make or break premiere in season six. Honestly, we all knew most of the cast would survive the explosion on Lian Yu, it was just a question of how they were going to deal with […]

The Flash Review: Supporting Cast Takes Center Stage in Season Four Premiere “Flash Reborn”

by Jeff Fountainon October 11, 2017
Ok, watching Barry leave to stabilize the whole Flashpoint universe at the end of last season was a nice ending to the season but we all knew it was not a ‘real’ ending by any stretch of the imagination. In “Flash Reborn” we get to watch the rest of the team take the lead, see […]