Something Weird, Something Different, Something Corrigan: Gotham by Midnight #1 Review

by Michael MacPhersonon November 27, 2014
Recently we learned hints and bits of information about the forthcoming series Gotham by Midnight from Ray Fawkes and Ben Templesmith, and I paid attention for three reasons; it was going to be set in Gotham, it was focused on Jim Corrigan AKA The Spectre, and it was heavily involving the supernatural. Those three factors […]
Assassin’s Creed® Unity2014-11-26-19-8-33

Detailed List of All Bug Fixes Coming For Unity

by Marcon November 27, 2014
Ubisift is doing all they can to fix their latest release.


Assassins Creed: Unity Review

by Marcon November 26, 2014
At long last our Assassins Creed: Unity review.

First Jurassic World Trailer Debuts

by Drew Comerfordon November 25, 2014
It’s finally here! The first full trailer for Jurassic World has arrived two days earlier than promised, and I couldn’t be more pleased with what I’ve seen.

Pan Official Teaser Trailer

by Marcon November 25, 2014
See the roots of Peter and Hook brought to life.

On The Rack – November 26th, 2014

by Jason McGrayon November 24, 2014
The holidays are just around the corner now and the comics keep on coming.


The Mutants Strike Back in Avengers & X-Men: Axis #5

by Michael MacPhersonon November 24, 2014
The big Marvel event series that is running right now, Axis, has really provided a lot of different takes on characters and has also provided some very large scale battles, and during all of this, the real big bad causing so much havoc has been each other.

Retro Reviewer: The American Remains Relevant

by The Retro Revieweron November 24, 2014
In the late ‘80s Dark Horse Comics published a gritty, sinister, somewhat bizarre, but best, a plausible story by future talent Mark Verheiden, who does such a great job writing The American it remains relevant today. Released in 1987, it withstands age because Verheiden’s incredible emerging storytelling skills.


Hellboy Weird Tales is a Wonderfully Weird Collection

by Jeff Fountainon November 24, 2014
One thing is for sure, this was a great collection to look at. In what is essentially a showcase for artists, Hellboy Weird Tales is just what you would expect in a compilation book/graphic novel. There are some good stories, some outstanding stories and some not so good stories. Truth be told, the same can […]

NBC’s Constantine May Be in Danger

by EVAon November 24, 2014
The bad news: NBC is halting production after its original 13-episode order for Constantine. The good news: the show is still in the running for a second season.