Comic Review: Assassin’s Creed #2

by Jeff Fountainon November 29, 2015
With the first issues behind us, I was looking forward to a more straight ahead, action oriented comic, free from the restraints of feeling the need to explain ever step with long winded and over descriptive dialogue. Alas, that weak part of this comic series returned and left me wondering how many people are now […]
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The Geeky Weekly: November 22 – November 29

by Laura Cerroneon November 29, 2015
This week blessed us with many wonderful treats, such as the Captain America: Civil War trailer. As an American, I was very thankful for that during our Thanksgiving holiday. The highly anticipated Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comic had its first issue. And, the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill, adopted a baby bat and named it […]


Interview with actor/producer Robert Leeshock

by Jeff Fountainon November 29, 2015
While most might remember him from the 90’s sci fi television series Earth: Final Conflict, Robert Leeshock has now added producer to his list of credits and as a producer, has a new project out now called Star Leaf. Recently we had a chance to talk to Robert about not only Star Leaf but his […]

Blood in the Snow Film Festival : Shorts Showcase

by Jeff Fountainon November 27, 2015
Chiral In this intense short on identity crisis, we meet Hank (Nelson Leis), an artist having his work exhibited in a gallery for the first time while his anxieties threaten to ruin everything for him. His sister Astrid (Ingrid Nilson) keeps him grounded but that doesn’t last very long. A chance theft leaves him in […]

pokemon gijinka cosplay

Cosplay Spotlight: Pokemon Gijinka Group

by Alanna Smithon November 26, 2015
Pokemon gijinka cosplays have been pretty popular over the last couple of years. Back in my day the series boasted that there were “150 and more to see” (that’s right kids, less than 200), but now there are over 700 different Pokemon to choose from, offering a vast range of options for cosplaying fans looking to take some […]

Movie Review: ‘Night Cries’

by Jeff Fountainon November 26, 2015
As I started out watching this movie, I was not really sure just what kind of film ‘Night Cries’ was supposed to be. That is part of this movies charm, appearing to be something it really was not. In fact, it switches around from sci-fi to horror to fantasy, wrapped around the idea of just […]

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by Laura Cerroneon November 25, 2015
  This is not a drill! The Captain America: Civil War trailer dropped on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show by Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. The film will be in theaters May 6, 2016. Whose side are you on?
GOTHAM: L-R: David Mazouz in the ÒRise of the Villains: The Son of GothamÓ episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Nov. 23 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jeff Neumann/ FOX

Gotham Review: Bruce Wayne is growing up in “The Son of Gotham”

by Jeff Fountainon November 24, 2015
Violent, funny, with many plot threads that actually went somewhere, ‘Son of Gotham’ was Gotham at its best. While there were many great moments, none surpassed the Bruce Wayne arc, as the viewer was able to see him grow up right before their eyes. Seeing the darkness come out and finally assert itself made for […]

Pentatonix Performs Star Wars Medley at American Music Awards

by Alanna Smithon November 23, 2015
Music is a key component in film, and last night’s American Music Awards made sure to recognize that with a tribute to composer John Williams. Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, was there to speak about Williams’ iconic contributions to the film world – from Jaws to Indiana Jones to, of course, Star Wars. After his introduction, […]

Movie Review: ‘Save Yourself’

by Jeff Fountainon November 23, 2015
For a movie that has a very slow start, Save Yourself slowly gathers steam and has a fun and brutal finish. Beautifully shot with that back woods slasher kind of feel, there is an interesting theme to this movie that is constantly there in the back of your brain, like an itch you just can’t […]