Five Question Friday with Actor Jason Matthew Smith

by Garyon July 1, 2016
You may not recognize him by name, but if you’ve seen the rebooted Star Trek films, you definitely know his face. He’s Actor Jason Matthew Smith, soon to be seen in Star Trek Beyond alongside Chris Pine, Jeremy Quinto, Simon Pegg, and the rest of the crew. Jason plays cupcake, the burly cadet that pounds Kirk into the […]

EXCLUSIVE Trailer for This Sunday’s Preacher

by Garyon June 30, 2016
Have you been following AMC’s Preacher? The cult-classic comic has made a big splash on the small screen, taking Garth Ennis’ mad vision of a Texas holy man and getting it right. The GCE has an exclusive, never before seen preview for this Sunday’s episode, “Sundowner.” Here’s the description for this Sunday’s Episode: Jesse finally comes face […]


Interview with actor Anthony Lemke

by Jeff Fountainon June 30, 2016
With over ten years as a leading actor in the Canadian film and television industry, Anthony Lemke has been a part of many series including The Listener, 19-2 , Lost Girl and can be seen as the character ‘Three/Marcus Boone’ on the hit series Dark Matter, with season two ready to air on Syfy July […]

AMC Renews Preacher for Season 2 Expands to 13 Episodes

by Garyon June 29, 2016
It’s official. The Preacher has spoken, and the word is good: AMC has renewed the twisted, critically acclaimed, series for a second season, and bumped its episode order to 13 (from season 1’s 10.) This is good news. In my review of the pilot I remarked that I was afraid that the complex plot may turn some […]


When Cartoon Characters Take Up Poker

by EVAon June 29, 2016
Poker has inspired numerous veins of popular culture including music, literature and film so it’s no surprise that cartoonists have also integrated the popular game into the characters of comic strips. The superheroes of Marvel Comics are well known for dealing with ‘real world issues’ and Marvel has thematically referenced poker on more than one […]

Interview with director Nicholas Gyeney

by Jeff Fountainon June 29, 2016
Immersed into the world of cinema at an early age by his father, Nicholas Gyeney was determined to be a filmmaker with a different style and vision. His latest feature, Beta Test, is his most ambitious yet, combining a great story with some incredible action sequences. Recently, we had a chance to talk to Nicholas […]


Preacher “South Will Rise Again” Review

by Garyon June 27, 2016
Preacher is once again driving in the fast lane as the “South Will Rise Again” meets the high expectations the audience has come to count on for the show. The main storyline is that Jesse is riding high from Quincannon’s public acceptance of the mission to serve God. Of course it wasn’t by choice; Jesse […]

Interview with actor Manu Intiraymi

by Jeff Fountainon June 26, 2016
Struck by the acting bug at an early age, Manu Intiraymi has worked in television, movies and theater and gained worldwide recognition with his recurring role as Icheb on Star Trek: Voyager. Recently, we had a chance to talk to Manu about the world of acting, being part of the world of Star Trek and […]


Movie Review: Beta Test

by Jeff Fountainon June 24, 2016
Ah, the world of action movies. For all the classic films that have come out of this genre, it is still one of the easiest areas in the movie business to make a quick buck. Fans love action and lots of it, so throw out a fading star, a half assed effort and little to […]

Overwatch Track Made Entirely from In-Game Sounds

by Alanna Smithon June 24, 2016
Can’t get enough of Overwatch? Well good news, because the fan creations just keep coming – this time in the form of a musical mash-up made entirely from in-game audio. YouTuber HaveLuckGoodFun took all the cool sound effects, voice clips and tracks from Overwatch and mixed them to make one seriously awesome jam called “Sounds Like […]