Zodiac Starforce Trade Release – Magical Girls Rejoice!

by Hannah Broadbenton May 31, 2016
May 31st is a great day for magical girls everywhere because the trade copy of Zodiac Starforce hits the shelves! Zodiac Starforce, written by Kevin Panetta (Bravest Warriors, Regular Show) and illustrated and lettered by Paulina Ganucheau (Bravest Warriors, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends), started out as a webcomic but became so popular they decided to […]

Five Questions with Legendary Writer Chris Claremont

by Garyon May 27, 2016
I recently had the opportunity to chat with Chris Claremont, legendary comic writer and author, who’s fifteen year run on the Uncanny X-Men is the stuff of Geek Legend. He is best known for creating The Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future’s Past, as well as a host of well known X-Men characters such as […]


Arrow Season Four Finale Review: Conflicted and Messy to the End in “Schism”

by Jeff Fountainon May 26, 2016
Only on Arrow could they take a season long theme of light versus darkness and turn it into a convoluted and at times laughable mess. Along the way there have been episodes this season that were excellent while others were barely watchable. Still, the show’s credit they marched on in their mission but in the […]

The Flash Season 2 Finale Review: Surprises and Disappointments in “The Race of His Life”

by Jeff Fountainon May 25, 2016
As I mentioned numerous times while reviewing The Flash this season, the whole Zoom storyline, while interesting at first, was quickly turning into a mess. Big buildups and letdowns lead to the showdown in the finale that included the master plan that Zoom had been moving towards all along that left me…uninterested. Frankly, the end […]

DC-Rebirth-Cover-Spread gary frank large

Primer on DC’s Rebirth Relaunch

by Laura Cerroneon May 24, 2016
It’s here, it’s finally here. DC Comics re-launch of their entire line, entitled Rebirth is finally hitting stands with issue number one on new comic book day May 25. Jumping off from the New 52 Initiative earlier in the month, the DC Universe is reset in a post-Flashpoint like way. Many of the titles under […]

Gotham Season 2 Finale Review: The Gang’s All Here in “Transference”

by Jeff Fountainon May 24, 2016
I have to hand it to Gotham. They certainly touched all the bases in terms of getting everyone involved in the finale. It didn’t matter if they played a big or small part in the episode, for the most part each character’s contribution was important to some degree and it made for a much richer […]

on the rack

On the Rack: May 25, 2016

by Laura Cerroneon May 23, 2016
Get your wallets out and mark off your pull-lists, New Comic Book Day May 25 is right here. Tons of new books to keep you occupied. Here’s what’s On the Rack this week. Marvel Comics Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 (Action Figure Cover) Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 (AoA Cover) […]

Sparta: War of Empires Review

by Marcon May 23, 2016
Lay siege to your friends and strangers in this web based strategy game.

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer; single - Preacher _ Season 1, Episiode 1 - Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/AMC

AMC’s Preacher Pilot Episode Review

by Garyon May 22, 2016
Preacher, AMC’s new show, based on the cult classic comic series of the same name, by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, has a lot going for it. The source material is second to none, written by an inventive creator at the height of his prowess, stars in Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga who are familiar […]
SONS OF ANARCHY -- Pictured: Kim Coates as Alex 'Tig' Trager. CR: James Minchin/FX

Interview with actor Kim Coates

by Jeff Fountainon May 22, 2016
For someone who did not start out wanting to be an actor, Kim Coates has carved out quite a career for himself. With over 132 acting credits that include films such as Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor and his brutally honest performance as Alexander ‘Tig’ Trader in the hit television series Sons of Anarchy, Kim […]