Five Criminally Underrated Animated Film Scores

by Lin Youngon November 17, 2014
While Disney has ensured that animated movies are firmly associated with musical theatre-type song and dance numbers, there’s also a rich treasure trove of beautiful animated scores that often goes unappreciated. In honour of this woefully unappreciated genre, here are five (technically six) animated scores worth checking out. Princess Mononoke With a lush, epic score, […]

New Screenshots from Telltale’s Game of Thrones

by Marcon November 17, 2014
Did you know Telltale is releasing their own Game of Thrones game? Well they are and it looks GOOD.


Borderlands: The Pre Sequel! The Review!

by Marcon November 17, 2014
We head back into the world of vault hunters and butt jokes. But did we get anything new out of it?

Interview with director Rob Stewart

by Jeff Fountainon November 17, 2014
With the killing of sharks going largely unnoticed, documentary filmmaker Rob Stewart made Sharkwater, a gripping and troubling look into how the population of sharks is being decimated by illegal finning and greed. I talked to the director about the hardships he endured while making the film, his troubles with foreign governments and if anything […]


Four Short Films from the Regent Park Film Festival

by Jeff Fountainon November 15, 2014
These four films are done by up and coming filmmakers aged twenty six and under and part of an initiative to raise interest in the performing arts in the Regent Park area of Toronto, Ontario.

Interstellar: Out of This World Sci-Fi

by Michael MacPhersonon November 14, 2014
Any time a new Christopher Nolan movie is announced, it immediately catches my attention and makes a date to remember on the calendar. The Prestige, Dark Knight Trilogy, and Inception are all movies that are true marks of excellent filmmaking and regardless of others opinions and those detractors of Nolan’s films, I personally thoroughly have […]

Tales From The Borderlands Trailer and Info

by Marcon November 13, 2014
Welcome to Pandora! …again.

The Door Review

by Jeff Fountainon November 13, 2014
Being an independent film means you have to do everything the big films do except much quicker and on a very small budget. In terms of horror, it becomes even more important to make every moment count while at the same time not being lazy as the fans of this genre are not very willing […]


Sharkwater: Humans Now the Most Feared Predator on the Planet

by Jeff Fountainon November 13, 2014
Sharks. Okay, how many of you thought of Jaws when you read that one word? How many thought negative thoughts, like killing machines or mindless monsters? Chances are many of you reading that one word condemned a species without a second thought. Now we as human beings are taking the next step and acting on […]

The Flash Plastique Review

by Jeff Fountainon November 12, 2014
On the heels of episode four’s first human villain in Captain Cold, the writers go back to the meta human ‘monster of the week’ in episode five but this time at least she is not stone cold evil. In fact, thanks to her and her power we learn a little bit more on how truly […]