The Geek Chic Elite Podcast Returns… with John Boyega!

by Laura Cerroneon March 22, 2018
Awesome Con returns for its fifth year, running from March 30 to April 1 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. Founded by Ben Penrod, who stumbled his way into the industry by buying and selling comics and launching the online comic book store Ninja Pirate Gear, the convention has seen growth […]

Seth Gilliam Talks Acting, The Walking Dead at Toronto Comic Con

by Jeff Fountainon March 22, 2018
Most of us know actor Seth Gilliam from his work on The Walking Dead as Father Gabriel Stokes but his excellent work in front of the camera began long before then. He garnered rave reviews for his work on the prison series Oz, then the highly acclaimed crime drama The Wire, where he played Ellis […]

Interview: John Wesley Shipp

by Jeff Fountainon March 22, 2018
Recently we had a chance to talk with John Wesley Shipp about his life as an actor and his second time around on The Flash during a media roundtable at Toronto Comic Con. The GCE: When you were first invited back to do The Flash did you have any reservations about jumping back into the […]

Interview: Eugene Brave Rock

by Jeff Fountainon March 21, 2018
Recently, we had the chance to talk with Eugene Brave Rock about his acting and stunt work during a media roundtable at Toronto Comic Con. The GCE: So how did you initially get into stunt work? Eugene: I was taking every opportunity I could. When I got into the business at age seventeen as a […]

Interview: Adam Nagaitis Talks AMC’s ‘The Terror’

by Jeff Fountainon March 20, 2018
Recently we had the opportunity to talk with Adam Nagaitis about his experience working on the terrifying new AMC show The Terror. How did you end up in the world of acting? Was it something you always wanted to do? Adam: I think I just sort of fell into it, to be honest. I don’t […]

Review: The Walking Dead Introduces New People and Old Bad Habits in “The Key”

by Jeff Fountainon March 19, 2018
*SPOILERS AHEAD* This was a strange episode. There were two storylines that were tied into one another and another with brand new people involved. Weird cut scenes, strange staging in terms of action, horrible marksmanship and an annoying character rearing her head again. That being said, the episode itself wasn’t bad, just too many old […]

Fangirling Art by Jen Bartel

Fangirling, Cheese and Important Conversations with Alicia Lutes

by Laura Cerroneon March 15, 2018
Alicia Lutes has written for, Bustle, MTV, Cinemablend and The Hollywood Reporter, but perhaps no greater accomplishment of hers shines as bright as her show, Fangirling. The first season of the show was hosted on Twitch, and now in its sophomore year, has moved to Project Alpha. Project Alpha blends Nerdist and Geek & […]

Interview: Lucie Pohl

by Jeff Fountainon March 15, 2018
Lucie Pohl admittedly loves what she does, whether it’s acting, writing and performing her own solo comedy shows or doing voice work as Mercy on the hugely popular video game Overwatch. Recently we had a chance to talk with Lucie before her appearance in Toronto from March 16th-18th at Toronto Comic Con about her career, […]

Interview: Karli Woods

by Jeff Fountainon March 15, 2018
Recently, we had the chance to talk with Karli Woods, who will be Toronto Comic Con March 16th-18th, showing off her newest cosplay designs as well as hosting panels and talking about the world of not only cosplay but online digital content creation as well. Before you got involved in the internet and cosplay, you did […]

Interview: Constantine Kitsopoulos

by Jeff Fountainon March 14, 2018
Recently we had the chance to talk with conductor Constantine Kitsopoulos about his career and the upcoming shows in Toronto, .featuring the movie Jaws accompanied live by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Was there something about conducting that always fascinated you or did fall into, like a happy accident? Constantine: You know, I think there was […]