Exclusive Image from Preacher Season Three

by Jeff Fountainon June 15, 2018
Here is an exclusive image from season three of AMC’s Preacher. The show returns Sunday, June 24th.
MoPOP Spidey

Ann Nocenti: Storytelling from Comics to Museums

by Laura Cerroneon June 4, 2018
At the heart of all her endeavors, Ann Nocenti has largely been focused on telling a good story. In her early days, she was quick to pick up the mechanics of the ironclad 1980’s Marvel Bullpen. She penned some of the most important works during Marvel’s ‘Second Golden Age,’ including the creation of Longshot and […]

Ellie Morlino

The GCE Podcast Presents: Artist/Animator Ellie Morlino at Wizard World Philadelphia 2018

by Laura Cerroneon June 3, 2018
Ellie Morlino is a 21-year old computer animation student at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL. As she hones her craft in animation, she was inspired to pick up the pen and display her work as an illustrator. She exhibited for the first time at Wizard World Philadelphia this past May. […]
Jamie Gray Hyder

Call of Duty’s Jamie Gray Hyder Sparks Conversation on Mental Health

by Laura Cerroneon May 14, 2018
The National Alliance on Mental Illness, or NAMI, asks: There is a virus spreading across the country. It’s stigma. Do you have it? In their latest campaign launched during May, which is Mental Health Month, the organization has gathered a number of celebrity ambassadors to raise awareness and propagate the message to #curestigma.  One of […]

Interview: Adrienne Barbeau

by Jeff Fountainon May 4, 2018
With almost one hundred and forty acting credits to her name, Adrienne Barbeau has been a part of many movies that have become cult classics. Recognized around the world for roles in The Fog, Escape from New York, Swamp Thing and the television show Maude, Adrienne is still going strong with seven movies coming out […]

Interview: Jeff Cooperman and Mike Mezaros Talk James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction

by Jeff Fountainon April 30, 2018
Recently we had a chance to talk with Jeff Cooperman, showrunner and co-executive producer and Mike Mezaros, co-executive producer, about their involvement in the new mini-series AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction and what sci-fi means to them on a personal level. So how did you both get to the positions you are […]

Interview: Ally Ioannides Talks Acting, Into the Badlands

by Jeff Fountainon April 21, 2018
Recently we had the chance to talk with Ally Ioannides, who is reprising her role as Tilda on AMC’s Into the Badlands. So how is the acting life treating you? Is this something you always wanted to do? Ally: Yeah it is, actually. Even when I’m not acting on camera I’m performing through life, I […]

Interview: Lorraine Toussaint Talks Life as an Actor, Into the Badlands

by Jeff Fountainon April 20, 2018
With almost one hundred acting credits to her name, Lorraine Toussaint has had a marvelous career so far, especially in terms of television. Recently, we talked with Lorraine about her career and what it was like becoming a series regular on the action-driven AMC show Into the Badlands. Was acting your career goal from day […]

Interview: Orla Brady Talks Acting, Into the Badlands

by Jeff Fountainon April 20, 2018
Recently we had the chance to talk with Orla Brady, who is reprising her role as Lydian in the upcoming third season of Into the Badlands. So were you always going to be an actor or did you kind of fall into it, like a happy accident? Orla: Well in one regard I wanted to […]

Exclusive Clip from the Premiere of Season Three of Into the Badlands!

by Jeff Fountainon April 19, 2018
Season three of Into the Badlands is coming to AMC this Sunday, April 22nd and we have an exclusive clip from the first episode. Enjoy!