Want a Chance to Tour the Set of TV’s Dark Matter and Support a Great Cause? Read on…

by Jeff Fountainon November 25, 2016
The producers of the hit SyFy series Dark Matter have stepped up and offered a wonderful package, including a set visit, to help an online fundraising event to aid Handicap International Canada. A set tour will be given by Anthony Lemke, who not only stars as “Three/Marcus Boone” in the production, but is also an […]

New Jessica Jones Comic Coming from Marvel

by Hannah Broadbenton July 12, 2016
Marvel announced that Jessica Jones will be returning in a solo comic series, 10 years after she starred in The Pulse with husband Luke Cage. The original creative team, writer Brian Michael Bendis (Alias, Civil War II, Invincible Iron Man, Spider-Man) artist Michael Gaydos (Alias, Avengers), and cover artist David Mack (Alias, Daredevil) will be working together again […]


Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin Dies at Age 27

by Alanna Smithon June 19, 2016
Early this morning actor Anton Yelchin, age 27, was found dead in his driveway after being hit by his own car. According to reports, Yelchin’s body was found at 1am by a friend who had been concerned after Yelchin did not show for a rehearsal several hours before. He was discovered pinned between his car […]

New York Comic Con Combats Ticket Resellers with New Fan Verification Process

by Laura Cerroneon May 18, 2016
In recent years venues, promoters and events have all been working on ways to stomp out ticket resellers from marking up tickets to exorbitant prices. To combat the price inflation, ReedPOP has adapted a new ticket purchasing process for its New York Comic Con it hosts every fall. Prospective attendees first need to fill out […]

Viz Media

Viz Media Announces Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 Release Date

by Hannah Broadbenton May 7, 2016
Get ready Sailor Moon fans because on August 16th Sailor Moon Crystal is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s another beautiful Sailor Moon item to add to your collection. Viz Media, the biggest manga and anime distributor in North America, announced the gorgeous Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 and its release date. On August 16th it […]

Captain America: Civil Wow – Movie Review

by Garyon May 6, 2016
Captain America: Civil War is amazing. It’s astounding. It’s awesome. That’s just the start; look up the synonyms to ‘amazing’ in a thesaurus, and Civil War is described appropriately by every one. All at once. This review does not contain spoilers.  The Russo brothers build on the excellent foundation begun in The Winter Soldier to weave […]


Marvel Launches New Kids Initiative

by Laura Cerroneon April 26, 2016
Marvel announced a new initiative for younger fans. Aptly named, the endeavor is interactive and allows kids to get their hands on the Marvel action. Helmed by Avengers Recruits, it centers on the flagship team and invites kids to create teams, posters and other various activities. There are also games such as rescue missions, […]
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The Geeky Weekly: April 10 – April 17

by Laura Cerroneon April 17, 2016
Another week and another stockpile of wonderful, geeky news. We’re now two weeks away from Captain America: Civil War, have you selected your side yet? It was a fantastic week for news and the Geeky Weekly is excited to bring it to you. The new Saban’s Power Rangers logo has been revealed. The movie, modeled […]

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The Geeky Weekly: April 10

by Laura Cerroneon April 10, 2016
The Geeky Weekly is back from a month-long hiatus, and during our absence plenty of awesome things have happened, such as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Daredevil season two. Without further adieu, let’s rehash some of the bigger news stories you may have missed.   ∴ DC Comics announced a new comic imprint […]
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The Geeky Weekly: February 21 – March 6

by Laura Cerroneon March 6, 2016
A Geeky Weekly double week means more news all in one place. That’s never a bad thing, right? As we head into spring, and more blockbuster releases like Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War loom overhead, there is much excitement hanging in the air. It means comic cons will be […]