WHiH Newsfront is a Real Marvel Cinematic Universe News Channel

WHiH Newsfront is a Real Marvel Cinematic Universe News Channel

July 19, 2015 0 By Alanna Smith

Part of what makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe so great is that it’s, well, a universe. The MCU spans across films, shorts, tv shows, Netflix series, and of course ties into certain comics, but it also finds ways to be even more interactive by merging with the real world. In this case, by taking the news channel that exists within its films and shows and actually making it accessible to viewers.

WHiH World News is a TV network based in Atlanta that reports on all forms of world news. It’s a subsidiary of Vistacorp, a company you’ll hear mention of in Ant-Man. You’ve actually seen them more than you might realize because they’ve been reporting MCU events from the very beginning. We see their correspondents reporting on the aftermath of the Culver University Hulk incident (Incredible Hulk), the Stark Expo opening ceremonies (Iron Man 2), the improvement of Hell’s Kitchen (Daredevil), the fall of SHIELD (Agents of SHIELD), Senator Ward’s debate (AoS) and the Battle of Sokovia (AoS).

WHiH news shots

christine everhart iron manRecently, the network started a cross media online program called WHiH Newsfront, which delivers short news segments on YouTube supported by posts on Twitter and Google+. And it’s hosted by none other than Christine Everhart. Remember her? She was the former Vanity Fair reporter that interviewed Tony Stark in Iron Man. If you go to WHiH Newsfront‘s YouTube page, you’ll see her segments on the Battle of Sokovia, a story on criminal Scott Lang (including exclusive security footage), an interview with Pym Technologies CEO Darren Cross and another interview with Scott Lang himself.

WHIHCoverPersonally, when I found out about this channel I couldn’t help but laugh out of disbelief and awe towards the Marvel team. I mean come on, real online broadcasts of the news channel that it turns out has been there from the start, and it’s hosted by the same side character (whom we probably didn’t even think would be back) from the startup MCU film made 7 years ago? When Marvel says “It’s All Connected” they don’t mess around; they really mean everything.

Check out this interview of Scott Lang, and be sure to keep an eye on the very interesting headlines at the bottom.