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Arrow Sinks Giving ‘Tribute’

by Laura Cerroneon October 19, 2017
Arrow – Episode 2 – Tribute   As Oliver comes under fire again for a leaked photo of him as the Green Arrow, the rest of the team struggles to keep up with the punches. Special Agent Amanda Watson enters the scene to throw oil on the fire, forcing the team to walk on eggshells. […]

Gotham Review: Bad Accents and New Blood in “They Who Hide Behind Masks”

by Jeff Fountainon October 7, 2017
There is a great deal of silliness, both intentional and unintentional this week, so don’t be fooled by the seriousness of the title. While I enjoyed Bruce Wayne and Alfred this week, the rest of the episode was a mix of weird new characters and gaping plot holes, something that I am getting accustomed to […]


Gotham Review: Season Four Continues Disturbing Trend of Good, Bad and Ugly

by Jeff Fountainon October 1, 2017
*SPOILERS AHEAD* In the premiere, Gotham tackles an interesting idea put forth by Penguin. He has issued ‘permits’ for criminals to commit crimes, kind of like a get out of jail free card. Controlled and managed crime is a fascinating concept for Gotham, which is a dark and dangerous city at the best of times. […]

Gotham Review: Embrace the Lunacy In “Look Into My Eyes”

by Jeff Fountainon October 4, 2016
Even though Gotham seems to have completely lost its way and plot wise is all over the place, like a happy drunk leaving a bar at two in the morning, the insanity is part of its charm as there is really no show on television like it right now. That is not necessarily a good […]

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The Geeky Weekly: January 3 – January 10

by Laura Cerroneon January 10, 2016
What a beginning to the New Year! Lots of news and lots of enthusiasm for what will be a great year in comics, video games, movies, TV and any other venue you can consume anything remotely geeky. And, as a reminder, here are a few lists we’ve compiled to get you hyped. We’ve got 2016 […]
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The Geeky Weekly: November 29 – December 6

by Laura Cerroneon December 6, 2015
Some weeks are more quiet then others, and as we sail deeper into the month of holiday cheer, news has been a little on the thin side. Never fear, because there is still plenty of news for the Geeky Weekly to deliver. Take a break from your holiday shopping, relax, and curl up to the […]


Gotham Review: Darkness Wins The Day in “Worse Than a Crime”

by Jeff Fountainon December 1, 2015
The most frustrating thing about Gotham has been it’s consistent inconsistencies that have made me want to pull my hair out and scream. This season has been better but the writers and powers that be still find the need to do things that are maddening in their stupidity. However, while this might still happen in […]

Gotham Review: Bruce Wayne is growing up in “The Son of Gotham”

by Jeff Fountainon November 24, 2015
Violent, funny, with many plot threads that actually went somewhere, ‘Son of Gotham’ was Gotham at its best. While there were many great moments, none surpassed the Bruce Wayne arc, as the viewer was able to see him grow up right before their eyes. Seeing the darkness come out and finally assert itself made for […]


Gotham Review: Bad Cop, Good Villains in “A Bitter Pill to Swallow”

by Jeff Fountainon November 17, 2015
After this season started with such promise, Gotham has reverted back to its old and uneven ways and while doing so, making Jim Gordon both a laughable and horribly destructive character. Maybe that is why Bullock’s screen time has been cut down, to save the detective from the stink of death that surrounds Gordon at […]

Gotham Review: Nightmares and Weddings in ‘Tonight’s the Night’

by Jeff Fountainon November 10, 2015
Well, the episode started great and ended on a somewhat humorous note but everything in between seemed a bit labored and dull. For all the energy the writers put into building up the episode, in the end it really seemed anti climatic and left me with the sense that this was a lost opportunity to […]