The Geeky Weekly: June 21 – June 28

The Geeky Weekly: June 21 – June 28

June 28, 2015 0 By Laura Cerrone

This week had been a bit quieter then previous weeks, or perhaps it was overshadowed by the bigger world news stories. Either way, there is still plenty of news to drum up.


∴ As Kelly Sue DeConnick ends her Ms. Marvel run, Marvel has tapped Agent Carter writers Tara Butters and Michelle Fazekas to take over the mantle All-New, All-Different Marvel era. Originally reported by Fast Company, the Peggy Carter duo, coupled with editor Sana Amanat, will set Carol Danvers on both Earth and in the greater Marvel galaxy. Butters and Fazekas are set to return to write season 2 of Agent Carter as well.

captain marvel


∴ Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is not a joke or a fan’s imagination. Nope, J.K. Rowling herself confirmed it will be the name of the play debuting next year in London. The definitely-not-a-prequel story as stated numerous times on Rowling’s Twitter, is being written by Jack Thorne (and Rowling). John Tiffany will direct the show. Tickets will begin selling this fall for the Palace Theatre show.



∴ Pre-empting the United States historic Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriages this week, and also just in time for Pride, Nintendo is allowing same-sex marriages in both versions on its Fire Emblem: Fates’ games. Fates will be released in two versions; Conquest and Birthright, and each game will have a same-sex couple that can marry. Birthright will have a female couple and Conquest a male couple.

fire emblem fates


∴ Tigress has been cast in Fox’s Gotham. The second season, deemed again as villain-centric, cast the role of Tabitha Galavan to Jessica Lucas. Lucas’ character will also don the iconic bullwhip.

jessica lucas


∴ American Gods writer Neil Gaiman will be penning a few episodes of the books television adaptation. Starz picked up the book for production after it endured almost 14 years in television purgatory. Gaiman, who is known for Sandman (also being developed for a television series), has also written Doctor Who episodes and numerous books. American Gods follows the mythos between gods of the old world and the new goods replacing them.

american gods


Kevin Feige, Marvel’s President, confirmed the Wasp will be in future Marvel films. The Wasp is one of the most famous Marvel superheroes, and also an original founding member of the Avengers. Feige confirmed her appearance at an Ant-Man press event and he said to look for the mentioning of her during the movie. Ant-Man hits movie theater’s in a few weeks on July 17. We can’t wait to see Janet Van-Dyne finally make it to the MCU.janet van dyne wasp