Gunfire and Schnapps: The Agent Carter Way of Kicking Ass

Gunfire and Schnapps: The Agent Carter Way of Kicking Ass

January 14, 2015 0 By Laura Cerrone

We’ve recapped the third episode of Agent Carter to fulfill the gap between this episode and the next. This recap will contain spoilers… because how could a recap not?

Episode 3Time and Tide

The third episode to Marvel’s Agent Carter’s eight-episode run begins with Peggy Carter doing research on the symbol Leet Brannis left her at the end of the prior episode. She’s disrupted by a noise outside and pulls a gun on a man who was climbing the side of the building to visit his girlfriend, trying to get around the strict curfew rules.

Simultaneously as Peggy is researching the symbols, the SSR team investigates the room the Hotel Cosmopolitan key opens. They find multiple passports under various names, cash, and also the typewriter the man in the green suit used to communicate with, or at least the other end of it.

The next morning Peggy has breakfast with the rest of the girls at the Griffith House and at that meal the girl who snuck in her boyfriend is evicted for doing just that. The proprietor of Griffith House, Miriam Fry mentions that the building is impenetrable, which gets Peggy thinking about how Stark’s weapons vault was broken in to.

The show switches over to see what the SSR team makes of what they found in the hotel room. Thompson discovers that Leet Brannis died two years ago. And the man they found dead recently took on his name. Sousa enters the office with the information that the license plate found at the Roxxon Oil implosion mess belongs to Howard Stark.

Peggy goes to Jarvis to discuss her idea, but as they are walking around Stark mansion, Sousa and Thompson knock on the door. As Peggy hides she can hear them discussing Stark’s car which Jarvis says he reported missing. Thompson takes Jarvis in for an investigation.

peggy and jarvis

Back at the office, Peggy shows up late to work which prompts Krezminski to mock her. He had been trying to switch his night shift with someone in the office to take his wife or mistress to a show.

Peggy gets to listen with Chief Dooley and Sousa on the other side while Thompson interrogates Jarvis. After a slow beginning, Thompson brings up Jarvis’ past treason charge, which was dropped, but can serve as means to deport him if the SSR turns him over to the Department of Immigration. Jarvis begins pleading for his wife’s safety.

Thinking quickly, Peggy leaves the interrogation. As she passes by, Krezminski says he’ll let her take his shift, a change from his tone earlier. Peggy blows him off to bring paperwork to Dooley that she says needs to be signed. She sets the paperwork down on top of the stolen vehicle report papers and picks them up with her stack and leaves the room again.

Thompson leaves interrogating Jarvis to talk with Dooley. Dooley is sure Jarvis is about to break and is about to nail in the final piece when Peggy reemerges and apologizes for taking the stolen car report. This allows Jarvis to leave as they can no longer hold him. Furious, Dooley brings Peggy to his office to scold her.

Peggy returns to her apartment that night and preps herself for investigating the break-in at Stark’s vault. Her friend Angie who had a rough day at work interrupts her; Angie suggests they hang out and enjoy some Schnapps and rhubarb pie. Peggy blows her off. As Angie leaves her room, they meet their new neighbor Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Underwood, a ballerina.

Peggy makes it to Stark’s house and meets up with Jarvis. They drop down the vault’s large hole together into sewers. Peggy concludes that Brannis and the other Leviathan workers probably floated the weapons to the harbor because it was raining heavy the night it was broken into.

thompson sousa jarvis

Back at the SSR office, Sousa and Krezminski are working the night shift. Sousa brings up the other plans Krezminski had for the night, but Krezminski says he couldn’t get anyone to take the shift, not even Carter. He then adds that Sousa should give up on Peggy because she dated Captain America, and how could she go on to date someone like Sousa, a cripple.

Peggy demands that Jarvis tells her why he had been charged with treason because she can’t trust him otherwise. Jarvis recants how he served in the war and forged his General’s name on a document to get a Jewish woman to freedom, the woman he would later marry, Anna.

At the end of the sewers, Peggy and Jarvis come across a boat called The Heartbreak, and it has the symbol Brannis had left in the sand on it. They resurface form the sewers and drive up to the boat, while the camera pans out to show someone is watching them. Aboard the boat they find a stockpile of Stark’s stolen weapons.

Peggy and Jarvis argue about turning in the weapons. Peggy believes she can turn them into the SSR and receive decorated credit for it, but Jarvis reminds her that she won’t be respected for it and they will use it to tear her down especially because of her relations to Stark. Peggy convinces Jarvis to place an anonymous tip to the SSR office and we are treated to Jarvis’ amusing American accent as he chats to Sousa on the phone.

As Sousa and Krezminski leave the office to investigate the boat, Peggy encounters an enemy and eventually takes him down with one of Stark’s weapons. Jarvis and her leave before Sousa and Krezminski arrive. Sousa and Krezminski are astounded to find the weapons actually there and call Dooley, which brings the rest of the SSR team to the scene. They arrest the guy and pack up the weapons.

As Krezminski is driving the arrested man, the man talks about the ‘English broad’ that had knocked him out. Before being able to delve further into this, the car is rear-ended. As Krezminski goes out to confront the person who hit the car, he is shot, as well as the arrested man.

peggy carter ssr

The episode swings to the next morning, as Peggy walks into work. She notices the female employees at the switchboard are very sullen and don’t giver her an answer as to why they’re upset. Peggy notices the same melancholic atmosphere inside the SSR office and sees a bouquet of flowers on Krezminski’s death. Sousa is pissed and explains why he think the person who left the tip, calling a direct SSR line instead of the police for the weapons, is responsible for Krezminski’s murder. He believes they were targeted.

Chief Dooley comes in and makes a speech about Krezminski’s death, and ultimately blames Howard Stark for bringing all of them into this mess. Dooley leaves to call Krezminski’s wife while Thompson goes to call his girlfriend.

Later that evening, Peggy shows up at the Automat, the diner Angie works at. At first, Angie gives her the cold shoulder, but once she sees Peggy is upset she prods. Peggy explains how someone died at work and it has really shaken her up. It is an emotional depth we have not yet seen. Peggy, known for keeping her circle small especially after Colleen’s death, accepts Angie’s help.


The next episode, The Blitzkrieg Button airs Tuesday, January 27 and will feature a cameo from Stan Lee as well as the return of Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark.