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Exclusive Preacher Clip: Gonna Hunt

by Jeff Fountainon July 5, 2018
Here is an exclusive clip from the upcoming third episode of season three of Preacher entitled ‘Gonna Hunt’. This episode sees Jesse working to pay back his debt to Gran’ma, with Tulip and Cassidy risking their safety as they formulate their own plans to get out of Angelville.

Exclusive Image from Preacher Season Three

by Jeff Fountainon June 15, 2018
Here is an exclusive image from season three of AMC’s Preacher. The show returns Sunday, June 24th.

Preacher Episode 6 “He gone”

by Garyon July 11, 2016
The title “He gone,” on the face of it, may seem like it’s talking about Eugene. But it isn’t. Not completely. It’s at least in part talking about Jesse. It turns out Cassidy saw what happened to Eugene, and when he confronts Jesse, the Preacher barely acknowledges it, instead scurrying off to teach a class […]

AMC’s Preacher Pilot Episode Review

by Garyon May 22, 2016
Preacher, AMC’s new show, based on the cult classic comic series of the same name, by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, has a lot going for it. The source material is second to none, written by an inventive creator at the height of his prowess, stars in Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga who are familiar […]

A First Look into Preacher Dropping on May 22

by Laura Cerroneon May 12, 2016
Preacher is the next comic book television show gracing our screens. Taking its first breaths on May 22 on AMC, the show follows the story of Jesse Custer, a preacher who is inhabited by a strange entity that gives him unusual power. Set in West Texas, Jesse, who is played by Captain America/Agent Carter alum Dominic […]

Agent Carter Season 2 Returns to Intrigue

by Laura Cerroneon January 20, 2016
Hello Ms. Carter! She’s back, and so are our faves with a few new additions. The premiere was packed with two episodes; the first The Lady in the Lake, the name inspired by the 1947 noir film, and the second A View in the Dark, to which I have no fun fact on the title for. Hayley […]

World Premiere Preacher Trailer

by Garyon November 2, 2015
During last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, fans finally got the chance to see the world premiere of AMC’s Preacher trailer. It offered very little insight to the show beyond setting the tone and briefly introduced the main cast other than the titular Preacher himself, Jesse Custer who, unsurprisingly, was the primary focus of […]
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The Geeky Weekly: August 2 – August 9

by Laura Cerroneon August 9, 2015
The GCE had a great weekend last week putting on the 24-hour game-a-thon to benefit charity Free the Children. A big and hearty thank you to all who donated, congratulations to all those who won some AMAZING prizes, and to all who still want to help out or get involved- stay tuned – the Geek […]

The Geeky Weekly: April 13 – April 19

by Laura Cerroneon April 19, 2015
Spring is beginning to flourish in my neck of the woods and excitement continues to brew for the big summer blockbusters headed our way. While I wait in anticipation for these flicks, there is still plenty of news to get excited about, and The Geeky Weekly brings you the best. Make sure you apply your […]

The Geeky Weekly: March 8 – March 15

by Laura Cerroneon March 15, 2015
Plenty of news to share on this weeks Geeky Weekly. From Marvel to DC, Disney to AMC, there are plenty of things we’ve got to discuss this week in our comic book world. Sit down, strap in, and read on!