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Agents of SHIELD Nails Ghost Rider Origin in The Good Samaritan

by Laura Cerroneon November 2, 2016
Did you all watch this episode? Is your jaw still on the floor? Good, keep it there until Agents of SHIELD returns after a few weeks break due to the United States election and Thanksgiving. We’ll get into our review in just a second, but we did want to say HOLY S*#! Marvel has introduced […]

Absolution & Ascension Send Agents of SHIELD Off With a Good Finale

by Laura Cerroneon May 18, 2016
Episodes 21 and 22 – Absolution and Ascension Prior to the Agents of SHIELD season finale, Marvel fans were hit with some heavy news. With Agent Carter cancelled and Marvel’s Most Wanted also chopped, Agents of Shield is once again the lone survivor. And it does so with a lot of heart. Moving to the […]

Agent Carter Cancelled and Twitter Explodes

by Garyon May 12, 2016
Agent Carter’s had a tough year. First, Captain America: Civil War, then the news from The Hollywood Reporter that Agent Carter would not see a third season. I wrote about why I thought we needed a season three here and I stand by it. However, ABC probably felt that the relatively low ratings didn’t merit a renewal. Hold the Phone […]

A First Look into Preacher Dropping on May 22

by Laura Cerroneon May 12, 2016
Preacher is the next comic book television show gracing our screens. Taking its first breaths on May 22 on AMC, the show follows the story of Jesse Custer, a preacher who is inhabited by a strange entity that gives him unusual power. Set in West Texas, Jesse, who is played by Captain America/Agent Carter alum Dominic […]


Diving Deep into the MCU with Agents of SHIELD’s Watchdogs

by Laura Cerroneon March 30, 2016
Episode 14 – Watchdogs Agents of SHIELD continued their format flip with this family-centered and politically charged episode. In season 3, we’ve largely see characters develop from events, but in Watchdogs, we see character development fuel the plot. Such is the case for both Mack and Daisy. As Mack takes some time off to process […]

Five Reasons Why We Need Agent Carter Season 3

by Garyon March 6, 2016
Agent Carter had its season finale last night (you can find our review of it here) and, as last year, middling ratings for Marvel’s sophomore action-adventure series means a good chance the show won’t be renewed. This article does not contain spoilers. Worse news for Agent Carter fans is that it’s been reported that Hayley […]


A Low Note for Agent Carter’s Season 2 Finale

by Laura Cerroneon March 2, 2016
Episode 10 – Hollywood Ending The season finale of Agent Carter was all fizzle and very little bang. Hollywood Ending played out almost excruciatingly formulaic, save for some small moments. It is almost painful to write that a show that has been as charming as Agent Carter has been did not have a strong close. […]

Agent Carter Stumbles then Soars

by Laura Cerroneon February 24, 2016
Episode 8 – The Edge of Mystery Episode 9 – A Little Song and Dance Agent Carter tapered off to fringe science this week with another double episode. The Edge of Mystery and A Little Song and Dance lead up to next week’s season finale Hollywood Ending.  The Edge of Mystery drops us in at […]


Life of the Party and Monsters Recap and Review – Agent Carter

by Laura Cerroneon February 17, 2016
Episode 6 – Life of the Party Episode 7 – Monsters It was a wild night with the back-to-back Agent Carter episodes. The stage was set up in the first episode, Life of the Party, but the things really went down (or hit the fan if you want to add an expletive there) in the […]

The Atomic Job Gets Heist Right for Agent Carter

by Laura Cerroneon February 9, 2016
Episode 5 – The Atomic Job Humor found its way into the core of the fifth episode, The Atomic Job. Riffing on classic heist movies (such as The Italian Job), for the most part it was a lot of fun.   Agent Carter has found its niche in mixing stakes with light-hearted characters. And in […]