Geeky Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Geeky Gifts for Valentine’s Day

January 30, 2015 1 By Laura Cerrone

We may all go through this life as the first player, but many of all want to plug in a Player Two. Whether you’re celebrating a new love, a long term romance, or just grabbing a few extra players to enjoy the perks of the bachelor/bachelorette life, we scoured the web to bring you content fit for all. Enjoy our terrible puns!

*Prices reflect the price posted on website, may change for different countries.

For Her:

Batman & etc VDAY




These 3-pack underwear by ThinkGeek channel all your favorite DC characters. Not only can you go undercover in your underwear as Batman, but Superman, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and a few others are also available. $24.99 Click here to buy.




Jewelry Box Doctor Who




She may have plenty of jewelry but no place to stash it, which makes it practical to store it in a Tardis jewelry box. This Doctor Who specialty item available on Pinup Girl Clothing will be timeless for any Whovian. It may not be actually be bigger on the inside, but it holds more than it looks. $50.00 Click here to buy.




Elder Scrolls




You won’t have to to an arrow to the knee to get this gift. Inspired by the Elder Scrolls, this light metal alloy necklace ships fast and won’t break the bank. You may even want to keep it safe in the Doctor Who jewelry box. $5.55 Click here to buy.




Marvel bra



Lace, mesh, bows, Marvel, Star Wars… are there things any sexier than these? Maybe, maybe not. For the Marvel or Star Wars aficionado these bras show your love for your favorites in a subtle way. This site also carries the matching underwear. Prices vary £50+ Click here to buy.




legend of korma



It may have ended, but weep no tears for The Legend of Korra with this earth bending inspired necklace. As a fan we have to say good-bye to our loves at some point, but we can always keep them with us wherever we go. Your significant other will understand. $11.60 Click here to buy.


For Him:

Dr Who tie




A plaid or polka dotted tie may be boring… but a Doctor Who one, that could never be. Perfect for work or more formal events, these Doctor Who ties in both the Tardis and Fourth Doctor variety will please everyone. Perhaps you can find pens that mimic a Sonic Screwdriver to bring along on your workplace time traveling adventures. $29.99 Click here to buy.





If The Dark Knight had a clock, it would probably look like this. You can wake up every morning (or night if you are actually Batman) with this collapsible die-cast metal clock. At 4-inches wide it will fit in any Batcave. $39.40 Click here to buy.


Spock robe




He’ll live long and prosper in comfort with a Spock bathrobe. Vulcans, although lacking some in the personality department can make up for in in the leisurely activities one. Take a voyage with this Star Trek robe. $59.99 Click here to buy.





he-man letter opener


Important bills won’t go unnoticed when you can have this much fun opening letters. This He-Man Masters of the Universe Power Sword will make you look forward to opening mail. Be sure to shout, “By the power of GraySkull!” with very opening. $19.99 Click here to buy.





bottle openersWith so many choices we couldn’t pick just one. Forbidden Planet has pages of bottle openers of so many different pop culture merchandise. Open a beer with Captain America’s shield? Check. Crack open a cap with a Minecraft Pick Axe, or enjoy your Duff with Home Simpson’s help. Prices range. Click here to browse.





No gift is compete without a thoughtful love note. Or so we say. Here are a couple places to get a matching nerdy card for your nerdy soulmate.

Dark Room and Dearly brings the sweetness in simple yet adorable cards. Find your perfect fit in Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and more. Be sure to fill it out with a personal touch! Prices range. Click here to browse.

Need to drop a hint that your significant other is spending a little too much time on World of Warcraft? It happens to the best of us. This card will subtly call your loved one out and romance them at the same time. $4.00. Click here to buy.


the one ring



Forged in the flames of Mount Doom it is the One Ring to rule them all, or maybe rule your hearts. The One Ring will call to you, and we’ll promise you Gollum will not try and steal your precious. A necklace chain is optional as well. $99.99 Click here to buy.



Doctor Who rings



Promise to travel through all of time and space with your companion. This Etsy shop has the most perfect Doctor Who rings, hypoallergenic, engraving possibility, and made out of Tungsten Carbide. To Gallifrey and beyond! $115.00 Click here to buy.



LoZ rings




It’s dangerous to go alone, take this… stunning Takayas Custom Legend of Zelda engagement rings. When we say stunning, we mean so beautiful you will drop to your knees and let a Bokoblin clobber you. Takayas also has custom rings for Final Fantasy and H.R. Giger. Price upon request. Click here to browse.