Top 10 AU and Crossover Cosplays

Top 10 AU and Crossover Cosplays

January 30, 2015 2 By Alanna Smith

AU – or Alternate Universe – is a pretty popular thing when it comes to fanart and fanfiction, but recently I’ve been seeing the trend in cosplay as well. People will take their favourite characters and put them in a completely new universe or environment. Sometimes it’s steampunk, futuristic, younger or older versions, or even crossovers with other fandoms. There are so many fantastic creations it was hard to choose just a few, but here are 10 of my favourite AU and crossover cosplays.

If you see some that you like, be sure to check out the artists and photographers to follow more of their work. If you recognize a cosplayer or photo that we haven’t identified, please let us know so we can give proper credit.


Digipocalypse Kari by PastChaser
Digipocalypse Davis by Pumba-Craft
Photography by Unknown


Sailor Rapunzel

Sailor Rapunzel by Tama Llama Cosplay
Photography by Andrew Williams



Korra by Sasha Dee Cosplay
Mako by Donau Cosplay
Bolin by Remy R.
Based on art by CT
Photography by Lazy Cat Cosplay & Photography


Atomic Wonder Woman

Atomic Wonder Woman by Feisty Cuffs
Photography by Malificent Images


Lich Queen Elsa

World of Warcraft Lich Queen Elsa by Chubear Cosplay
Photography by Darshelle Stevens


Steampunk Tinkerbell

Steampunk Tinkerbell by Sandra Disney
Photography by Meian Photography


Ghostbuster Daphne

Ghostbuster Daphne by Siryn
Photography by Jason Chau Photography


Iron Man Buzz Lightyear

Iron Man Buzz Lightyear by Unknown
Photography by FlapJack and Hookers


Rollerderby DC Ladies

Roller Derby Wonder Woman by A to Z Cosplay
Roller Derby Supergirl by Leaping Lizard Cosplay
Roller Derby Batgirl by Brittnie Jade
Based on art by Danielle Gransaull
Photography by Short Fuse Pinups



Snowba Fett by Amber Arden
Photography by Estrada Photography