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5th passenger

The 5th Passenger: A Bottled Sci-Fi Thriller Loaded with Star Trek Veterans

by Laura Cerroneon July 11, 2018
There are universal conditions that most people fear. In the 5th Passenger, many of these conditions are presented in a bottled, yet poignant hour and a half sci-fi thriller. Co-writer, co-producer and star Morgan Lariah embodies the role of Lieutenant Eve Miller, a secretly pregnant crew member. Along with four other crewmates, the group must […]

Star Trek Discovery Review: Solid First Two Episodes Full of Promise

by Jeff Fountainon September 25, 2017
Ok, Trek fans. Take a deep breath and relax. While not perfect, “The Vulcan Hello” and “Battle at the Binary Stars” have some great characters, looks fantastic and the storytelling is solid, making the long game, that of extended storylines and plot arcs, look that much more interesting.The show, at least initially, is driven by […]

Star Trek: Discovery Cast Greets Fans, Tells All (Not Really) During Toronto’s Fan Expo

by Jeff Fountainon September 19, 2017
Star Trek has been blessed with quite a loyal fan base over the years, even with underachieving TV series to shall we say, less than stellar movies. Now, Trek fans have a new television series on the horizon, Star Trek Discovery, and after a few brief clips, it’s been fandom overload in terms of deciphering […]

Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Takes Flight at Comic Con

by Garyon July 23, 2017
Last year we were the first outlets that broke the news that CBS’ new Star Trek show would feature the adventures of the USS Discovery and since then, we’ve been anxiously awaiting any news about the new entry into the Star Trek mythos. And here it is: the first trailer for the show premiered at […]

Star Trek Mission New York Celebrates the 50th Anniversary

by Laura Cerroneon September 6, 2016
In celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, pop culture event organizer ReedPOP, of New York Comic Con fame) threw the game-changing series a weekend-long party with the convention Star Trek Mission New York. Pulling together actors from all series, NASA, the United States Postal Service and more, the event took place from Sept. 2 to […]

New to Console: Star Trek Online Hits Xbox One and PS4 on Sept. 6

by Laura Cerroneon September 5, 2016
Star Trek Online is one of the most expansive MMORPG’s to date, bursting onto the scene in early 2010. In operation for more than six years, the game and its developers have unleashed 11 seasons and more than 130 episodes. Starting on September 6, 2016, the game is launching for the first time on console. […]

Star Trek Timelines Helps Ring in Show’s 50th Anniversary

by Laura Cerroneon September 5, 2016
It’s an exciting time for Star Trek fans as the iconic sci-fi series turns 50, celebrating its Golden Anniversary. From humble beginnings stemming from the mind of creator Gene Roddenberry, to charging its way through the 21st century while inspiring fans old and new, the series has much to commemorate. One of the many wonderful […]

REVIEW: The Impossible Has Happened

by Mel Burkeon August 1, 2016
As a long time Star Trek fan, I have somehow managed to get this far in life without reading any biographies from the show. So when contacted about Lance Parkin’s The Impossible Has Happened, due out from Quarto Publishing Group USA on August 2, I didn’t have any expectations except maybe I would learn a few things about the […]

On the Rack: July 13

by Laura Cerroneon July 12, 2016
Who agrees that New Comic Book Day is the best day of the week? Here’s the list, now make your picks!   ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT Adventures Of Miru #1 (Cover A J. McClary), $3.99 Adventures Of Miru #1 (Cover B Reno Msad), $4.99 Miraculous Tales Of Lady Bug And Cat Noir #2 (Of 3)(Cover A […]

Five Question Friday with Jason Matthew Smith Part 2

by Garyon July 8, 2016
Jason Matthew Smith, or Cupcake as he’s better known to Star Trek fans, will be appearing next in Star Trek Beyond, in theatres across North America on July 22nd. Last week we spoke with Jason about his new film Star Trek Beyond and some of the challenges faced by Cupcake in the previous Star Trek films. You can read […]