Your Valentine’s Day 2016 Geeky Gift Guide

Your Valentine’s Day 2016 Geeky Gift Guide

January 29, 2016 1 By Laura Cerrone

Valentine’s Day is a holiday you either love to hate or hate to love. Either way you feel about it, everyone wins on Feb. 15, when all chocolate is half off. That’s almost as fun as playing bingo so there’s a silver lining. V-Day is another perfect opportunity to lavish the nerdy lover of your life, and we’ve collected a few options for you to appease their heart. So get your credit card out and get gifting!

Flowers die. We know this. Star Wars plushies last forever, just like the love you have for your significant other will. So why not reflect that love with the most perfect gift? You would be a fool not to, and ThinkGeek has what you need. Use the Force and click that buy button, otherwise you’re a fool.

They have a couple different Star Wars bouquets, as well as other stuffed animal bouquets like dinosaurs and dogs.

thinkgeek star wars


We know that you and your SO love to Netflix and chill, and with Netflix coming out with tons of original content, including the rest of Marvel’s Defender series, you’ll need pajamas to binge all day, so snuggle up with matching pajamas.

Click here to find your pair.


superhero stuff


Need a perfect jewelry box or a container small enough for any of your little trinkets? Snatch up this 8-bit box to deliver the goods. Remember, it IS dangerous to go alone.

EntertainmentEarth has it here.


8-bit chest


Your loved one loves jewelry. We know this. Jewelry is shiny. It looks good on just about everyone. Which is why we love this Etsy shop that makes stunning nerd pieces. Comic book lover in your life, your covered? Whovian, yep that too. Trekkie’s will find loving here too.

Check out Itailu’s shop.


italu etsy


Another Etsy shop we’re digging is, Lindsey Britton Designs, they have a ton of cards. And you need a card to go with your gift, it’s the full package. The best part? No shipping and handling! Look at how cute the Star Wars one is. BB-7 is my Valentine. You can print the card out right at home (preferably on thicker paper).

Grab yours at Lindsey Britton Designs.

vday cards is another one we love for cards too!


Gamers need loving too, and they’re thumbs need some rest as well. So why not buy your gamer, or buy a pair of matching custom controllers. The Controller Shop has stunning custom designs, that will make you the envy of your connects. The controllers also come in a great case, so there will be no more accidents of your cat knocking them off the table. There are also some great interchangeable accessories so you can customize your PS4 and Xbox One controllers. The DesignLab is to die for.

All you need is The Controller Shop.



You don’t give Valentine’s gifts to a significant other, sometimes you give them to friends, because you do love them. Grab a bunch of bows and Fallout Nuka cola caps for your besties. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

The GCE Marketplace is pretty much your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.


the gce bows


Need some more ideas? Check out our guide from last year, the stuff is still all good!