Toronto Comic Con 2013

Toronto Comic Con 2013

March 10, 2013 2 By Steph Mernagh

Toronto Comic Con. While it’s not as big an event as Fan Expo, this year ended up getting so much attention that the event had to be moved from its usual home in the North building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to the South building. That may have had to do with the convention’s honored guests of the year: The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Well, I found the droid I was looking for.

The event kicked off at 11, people flooding onto the floor that was filled with artists and vendors. The first signs of disorganization were the lines that zig-zagged through one vacant hall to let us in; winding around about nine times before the entrance where everyone funneled in. There were still vendors setting up at 11 when people arrived too, so it looks like they weren’t given the luxury of setting up the night before, or it was too chaotic in the morning to load everything in on time. Nevertheless, we settled in for a great day.

After spending an hour or so on the floor (I finally got myself The Walking Dead issue 1!) we met up with Arkham Batman and Robin for an interview and some photos of the caped crusaders before stopping for lunch. This year instead of the circular tables they had at Fan Expo, the organizers went with large buffet tables which allowed for traffic to be more easily diverted around inside the food court. The best part? There were two amazing food trucks serving up all kinds of deliciousness. Once we’d fueled up, it was time to take in a panel.

The way everything was set up for the panel was wonderful; people inside exited one door, and people going into the next panel lined up and went through another door. The lines were well organized and weren’t allowed to become winding, getting in the way of other traffic, a big improvement from what we saw at Fan Expo in August. There were two downsides to having all the panels in one room though, the first being that since it was a smaller panel, not everyone got in. The second was that if you went to see one panel, there was no way you’d be able to get into the next one. This left some people with difficult decisions to make. Were they going to see Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn and miss out on Gates McFadden and LeVar Burton?

We chose Spiner and Dorn, and we weren’t disappointed.

torontocc-36There were requests for a musical demonstration that Spiner met with an impression of Patrick Stewart talking about the theatre and it being an intimate place to him talking about FRESH HELL with the question “How do you adjust to playing a version of yourself?” Spiner’s reply was not surprising, saying that they were at that moment playing a different version of themselves and that Dorn actually had a high, womanly voice.

Q: After Star Trek was over, did you find yourselves typecast?

Dorn: No one wanted Worf on NCIS, so no, not really.

Spiner: Look, it’s only one of two things. You’re either typecast, or you suck! Besides, if they call me and I say no then everyone is all, “Well how about Spiner? No, he doesn’t want to do it. What if we made him black… call Michael Dorn!”

Fan: Wil Wheaton just tweeted that he loves you guys!

Spiner: Oh, he just wanted airtime!

Q: The show did a lot of period costumes where you got out of your usual uniform. Which one was your favorite?

Spiner: (to Dorn) Oh, I know which one you’ll pick.

Dorn: Brent and I are both big fans of Westerns, so I’d have to say A Fistful of Datas.

Spiner: Yeah, I like that one, but I also really love the Sherlock Holmes one (Elementary, Dear Data). By the way, I really love Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes so if you haven’t seen him yet, you are missing out.

Finally, the pair went on to discuss what they thought of the new Star Trek movies starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as Kirk and Spock respectively. Both Spiner and Dorn agreed that they liked the new films. Spiner voiced that he didn’t understand what everyone’s issue was with J.J. Abrams directing both the Star Trek and Star Wars movies as he is a very talented director who he thinks will do the films justice. I couldn’t have agreed more!

After the panel ended it was time to go back and do one more sweep of the vendor floor. I managed to get my hands on the Flash babydoll with the hockey jersey design, and a v-neck Star Wars shirt. I still regret not getting the tee shirt that read “I’d Rather Kiss a Wookie!”. Next time, baby. Other purchases included a Doctor Who RUN DLK shirt, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tee.


The amazing work of Paul McCue of

There were so many great vendors there, but here are a couple of my favorites.

Pixel Dreams: – They were giving out collectible postcards and I got an entire pack free that included Doll Culture and War and Peace.

The Bear Stories: – Perhaps the most lewd little bear I’ve ever seen, so if you are easily offended please DO NOT visit! Adults only, this is not for kids. The creators will soon have an app released called “The Bear Stories: Midnight Madness” an adventure video game promising ‘use foul language!’ and ‘meet crazy people!’

Chop Shop Goods: – If you want it on a tee shirt, they can do it. Our event photographer Marc was in love with their “Dat Ashe” tee but forgot about it in the busy day. Most of their tees online are $20.00 and they have some great mugs and wallets too.

Last but certainly not least because they were by far my favorite were Modulicious: – Creator Paul McCue brings steampunk and sci-fi roaring together! Featuring such cool things as Darth Vader and Boba Fett helmets, all meticulously crafted. Don’t worry if you love his creations but couldn’t make it to the show; check out his website where shipping to North America is included in the listed price! What I wouldn’t give for a photoshoot with that Fett helmet!

I had a great time at the convention though I’ve heard it went to capacity and some people were turned away from ticket sales. With the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast all there it wasn’t a surprising announcement to me that they were working at full capacity given their guests. Another issue I’ve heard about is a rather nasty handler shining a penlight into various photographers eyes in order to deter them from taking a photo of Patrick Stewart. It might just be me but that’s an unacceptable treatment of fans.

While we didn’t experience this (as we don’t like to clog up the already very congested autograph area), we did hear a woman shrieking at the top of her lungs “NO PHOTOGRAPHS!” and “GO AWAY, THEY AREN’T HERE FOR PHOTOS!” Maybe I’m the only one that might say I think it’s perfectly fine for con-goers to take a photo of the celebrities signing autographs as long as they aren’t in the way of organizers and fans who’ve paid to have items signed. Everyone paid to see the guests there and people take photos in panels anyway, so if they aren’t in the way what’s the harm? Other than that we had a great time! Check out our gallery link below for all the photos of the day and as always, if we have a photo of you cosplaying and would like a copy of it, please send an email to: photography @

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