Interview: Brent Jennings Talks AMC’s New Series Lodge 49

by Jeff Fountainon August 5, 2018
Recently we had the chance to talk with Brent Jennings about his life as an actor and his role on the upcoming AMC show Lodge 49. Was acting something you always wanted to do or did you discover it later, like a happy accident, so to speak? Brent: Well, it was an accident that happened […]

Female Actors Gaining Ground in Hollywood

by Garyon July 22, 2018
“I just want to be cast for me,” said Chloe Wang at San Diego Comic-Con’s Women Who Kick Ass panel, an annual discussion of female actors in Hollywood about the challenges and triumphs of being a female in the film business. You probably know Wang’s face but don’t recognize her name; that’s because she’s better […]

TITANS Official Trailer From San Diego Comic Con 2018

by Jeff Fountainon July 19, 2018
It’s dark, folks. Enjoy!

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Talk All Things Preacher

by Jeff Fountainon June 27, 2018
Recently we had the chance to be part of a conference call with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who discussed many things about the TV show Preacher, including what we can expect in season three. The following is an edited and condensed version of the hour-long conference call. Keisha Hatchett/ I’m curious because season two […]

Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks Comes To a Cineplex Near You June 14th

by Jeff Fountainon June 12, 2018
BBC Studios – Americas and Cineplex Events are partnering to screen the NEVER BEFORE SEEN 90-minute director’s cut of the hugely popular classic Doctor Who adventure, Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks, on Thursday, June 14 in select theatres nationwide. An exclusive interview with the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, will follow this special version. Following […]

Harry Potter in Concert: Prisoner of Azkaban

by Kaitlyn Smithon May 21, 2018
The Toronto Symphony Orchestra was back for round three last week with its orchestral performance of John Williams’ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The GCE has had the pleasure of visiting the Sony Centre for the performances of both The Philosopher’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets, and the next movie in the series […]
Wizard World

What to Expect at Wizard World Philadelphia 2018

by Laura Cerroneon May 8, 2018
With just a week left until Wizard World Philadelphia, it is the perfect time to see what is the seasoned convention has in store for its 18thyear. Jerry Milani, public relations manager for Wizard World, was kind enough to answer questions that may come in handy for prospective attendees.   Wizard World Philadelphia runs from […]

Interview: Image Killer Creators Talk Serial Killer Web Series

by Jeff Fountainon March 27, 2018
Recently, I had a chance to talk with James Young, Nik Benn, and Michael Davidson about their new serial killer web series called Image Killer. Why don’t we start with everyone introducing themselves and the part they play in the creation of Image Killer? James: Sure, sounds good. My name is James Young, I’m one […]

Jaws Was a Frightful Delight at Roy Thomson Hall

by Jeff Fountainon March 26, 2018
I saw Jaws when I was eleven years old, my dad thought I was old enough and I had already developed an interest in sharks. Well, I wasn’t ready and although the movie scared the hell out of me it did spark an interest in me in terms of horror that still exists to this […]