Feature: Arkham Batman and Robin

Feature: Arkham Batman and Robin

March 9, 2013 0 By Steph Mernagh

If you’ve been to a convention recently in Toronto, chances are that you’ve seen someone dressed as Batman or as Robin. Some costumes are intricately crafted and designed by devoted fans of the DC Comics duo featuring their favorite ‘look’ of the caped crusader and his boy wonder and con-goers can’t help but notice the work put into every costume. But there’s something different about the Arkham Batman and Robin duo, and one of the main reasons people take note is because of Batman’s height. Speaking to fans at Toronto Comic Con, they were always quick to compliment the brilliant costumes, some especially favoring Robin’s eye mask, and other fans have said they are in awe of a Batman that tall, who has the complete looming presence of the Dark Knight that they love (For the record, Batman’s cosplayer is six feet and ten inches tall). Barely able to walk a few feet without stopping to have a photo taken, Arkham Batman and Robin may easily be one of the most popular fan favorites in recent conventions. I had a chance to catch up with the duo to talk to them about their costumes, conventions, and what people think seeing them on public transportation.

Tell us a little about yourselves.

Batman: I’m originally from Collingwood, Ontario which is a couple hours North of Toronto. I just moved to Toronto this past year and started making the costume around the same time and it’s been a constant work in progress ever since.

Robin: I’ve moved around a lot but basically settled around Collingwood as well. I started my costume after he (Batman) made his and if you look at him it’s all fitting. If you look at the relationship we have had since high school; Batman and Robin definitely made sense.

Batman: Yeah, we’ve known one another since high school and even back then we were both quite similar to each other. Me being Bruce and him being Tim, it all worked out well in relativity to the comics.

torontocc-23How long did it take you to design your costume? What are they made of?

Batman: Our costumes are made out of all kinds of things, it’s been a constant work in progress for coming up on a year now. The initial core costume of the Batsuit was made in a couple of months and has been slowly upgraded piece by piece ever since. My costume as you see it now is less made by me and more by people far more talented than I. Robin’s costume though is almost completely made by the two of us other than his mask (made by Fourth Wall Design) and the cape we had my girlfriend help with.

Why did you choose Arkham Batman and Robin? What appealed to you about their costumes in particular?

We chose the Arkham suits because I found the Arkham universe a brilliant mix of the comics, the old Animated series, and the new darker directions Batman is being taken in. It was the perfect balance of old and new. The comic look, fused with the armoured look of the movies. Plus it included the pointy ears, and angry brows I like so much in Batman’s cowl. As For Robin, we enjoyed the mix of Robin’s classic look, fused with an older, and more serious tone.

Do you go to many conventions as Arkham Batman and Robin?

Robin: We try to go to as many as possible that happen in the area.

Batman: On top of the conventions we go to we do events like the Toronto Drop Zone event where we rappelled down a 17-story building in costume for charity. That was incredible! Next weekend we are doing the children’s day at York University.

Was the Drop Zone event your first charity event? Do you plan to do more?torontocc-24

Batman: Yeah, it was our first. We don’t as much go out and try to do as much as we could, but whenever the offer comes up, it’s something we like to do whenever we can.

Did Drop Zone ever let you know how much money you raised for charity?

Batman: Yeah, for the event we each had to raise $1,500 and we ended up breaking that amount. We did some interesting projects to raise the money; we started in the local fair back in Collingwood, we hosted a yard sale at a relatives house where I sold off all my old toys and comic books.

Will we be seeing you at Niagara Falls Comic Con this year?

Batman: We hope so! I had to take the Bat-subway here though so transportation could be a bit of an issue.

Have you ever encountered negative reactions from the public on subways or buses?

Robin: We usually get the really cool bus drivers that just kind of nod and smile at us, but there was one occasion where we were told to take off our masks or we wouldn’t be allowed on. I guess it just depends on who you get.

Check out Arkham Batman and Robin on their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ArkhamKnights
Photos courtesy of Marc Daniel Photography for The GCE http://www.marcdanielphoto.com