The Walking Dead Recap: Arrow on a Doorpost

The Walking Dead Recap: Arrow on a Doorpost

March 10, 2013 0 By Steph Mernagh

Our episode tonight starts off with Daryl and his newly acquired crossbow and in something that actually has sleeves! (As always, this post contains FULL SPOILERS)

Just kidding. (Only not). We find out that Rick and the Governor have decided to meet, and that Andrea organized it all to try and make them work together. The tension is so thick one could cut it with a knife as the two adversaries eye one another, sitting down to try and hash out details. Rick wants a truce, having brought a map to work out a divide of land between the two colonies of survivors, but the Governor wants the prison’s immediate surrender, much to Andrea’s surprise. Of course, she should have known better but if there’s one thing we know about Andrea, it’s that she’s dumb as bricks.

After Andrea is told to leave, the Governor begins to tell Rick exactly how much he knows about him, all thanks to Andrea and the things she’s told him during her stay with him at Woodbury. He takes low shots against the prison leader, including mentioning the possibility of Shane being Judith’s real father, “It’s your lack of insight not seeing the devil inside you.” to which Rick responds, “Oh, I see him alright.”

Back at the prison, Glenn takes control of the other survivors while Rick is gone, seeming to slip more easily into the leadership role recently. Merle wants to go and make sure Daryl is alright but Glenn refuses because he has faith in Rick, Daryl and Hershel that things will be alright.

Back at the meeting grounds, Daryl and Martinez seem to bond a little by making a competition out of killing the walkers, Daryl showing off both his new crossbow (obtained last episode from Morgan’s weapons cache) and his deadly accuracy. After the walkers have been taken down, the pair exchange short conversation over a couple cigarettes they find on a corpse. Even Hershel and Milton get along, talking about the loss of Hershel’s leg and Milton’s complete interest in the fact that they cut off his leg in hopes he’d survive. He asks to see his leg, but Hershel refuses, saying “You want to see my leg and you haven’t even taken me out for a drink yet.” The two share a laugh, and it’s becoming more obvious now that maybe without Rick and the Governor, the prison and Woodbury survivors might have gotten along fine.

Inside, the Governor tells a story about losing his wife, trying to relate to Rick and let him know that he’s felt the pain that he is feeling as they share whiskey together. Rick, however, doesn’t seem to believe a word of the man’s story, no matter how painful it is to think of Lori and his loss. The Governor sees the pain in the man’s eyes, knowing this is an area of exploitation. The leader of Woodbury, however, takes the time to admit that he doesn’t want Rick to leave: “Best you stay where I can keep my one good eye on ya.” After revealing the loss of his right eye, the Governor only wants one thing from Rick and that’s Michonne. He gives him a deadline of two days before taking his leave, both groups going their separate ways.

Back at the prison Merle has gone all ‘protective brother’ and Glenn asserts himself, not letting the man leave no matter how riled up he is. Merle tries to convince Michonne to go with him to protect the others and kill the Governor, but she sides with Glenn and certainly isn’t moved at all by Merle’s bad attempt at a compliment. Outside, Glenn and Maggie abandon their lookout post to have sex—classic horror movie rules say that someone will probably die sometime soon now because of their negligence, but that doesn’t happen.

Upon Rick’s return he tells everyone that it’s war, and later confides in Hershel that if they turn Michonne over there will be peace, but I think he knows better than to trust him, and Rick would rather fight than let someone innocent be turned over to a monster, even if he doesn’t trust Michonne.

With only three episodes left in the season, we can almost be assured that the final episode will culminate in a final showdown; the prison survivors versus the Woodbury survivors, and only one leader will come out on top.

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