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The Flash Review: A Very Underwhelming Return in “The Trial of the Flash”

by Jeff Fountainon January 17, 2018
I don’t know, I guess with a storyline like this, one in which everyone knows is going to end up with Barry Allen free somehow, the odds were stacked against it right from the beginning that it was going to be good. I held out hope though, clinging to the chance that the writers/showrunners had […]

The Flash Review: Common Sense Takes a Holiday in ‘When Harry Met Harry’

by Jeff Fountainon November 15, 2017
*SPOILERS AHEAD* I don’t usually do spoiler reviews for The Flash but this week’s episode contained enough questionable content that I decided it needed to be addressed head-on. Don’t get me wrong, there were some enjoyable moments but the show also went places that had me scratching my head and wondering what the hell they […]


The Flash Review: Loads of Fun, Lack of Substance in “Mixed Signals”

by Jeff Fountainon October 18, 2017
After the strange and not so wonderful season premiere, it was great to see The Flash go to their strength, that being humor and it really showed with the great one-liners and excellent chemistry. However, the episode still left me wanting, with another meta bad guy that was lame and except for a few instances, […]

The Flash Review: Supporting Cast Takes Center Stage in Season Four Premiere “Flash Reborn”

by Jeff Fountainon October 11, 2017
Ok, watching Barry leave to stabilize the whole Flashpoint universe at the end of last season was a nice ending to the season but we all knew it was not a ‘real’ ending by any stretch of the imagination. In “Flash Reborn” we get to watch the rest of the team take the lead, see […]


The Flash Review: “Abra Kadabra” Is Far from Magical in This Mediocre Episode

by Jeff Fountainon March 29, 2017
After last week’s song and dance episode, I was looking forward to The Flash sinking their collective teeth back into Savitar story line The sad thing was they did, to an extent, but the whole episode came off as bland and dull, with only a few moments that had me actually paying attention. I’m not […]

The Flash Review: The Endgame Begins in “The Wrath of Savitar”

by Jeff Fountainon March 11, 2017
Spending time with Grodd and the super gorillas over the last two weeks was loads of fun and well done, with great action, storytelling and acting. However, after all the back slapping for a job well done subsided it occurred to me that it was almost that time in the season for things to take […]


The Flash Review: Here Come the Gorillas in “Attack on Central City”

by Jeff Fountainon March 1, 2017
While I was happy The Flash was coming right back this week and following up the adventures in Gorilla City on Earth 2 with “Attack on Central City”, I was a little worried that there would be some kind of letdown. Thankfully, the writer’s stuck to the strengths of The Flash, that being the characters, […]

The Flash Review: Training and Waiting in “Untouchable”

by Jeff Fountainon February 8, 2017
While this week might have been a filler episode in terms of the villain, it did have multiple plot points that were quite useful in terms of moving the overall story along. That being said, “Untouchable” still felt at times like it was treading water, staying far too long in the same place which kind […]


The Flash Review: Time Travel Twist in “Borrowing Problems From the Future”

by Jeff Fountainon January 25, 2017
Before the winter break, we got a glimpse into the future as Barry watched Savitar kill Iris right in front of him. While I found it interesting, I was more concerned with The Flash spending far too much time upon it’s’ return on time travel, changing the future and saving Iris. I’ve almost had my […]

The Flash Review: Crossover Event “Invasion!” Cranks up the Fun

by Jeff Fountainon November 30, 2016
All you need to know about this crossover event is this: Aliens versus superheroes. That’s it. No need to go any deeper than that and really, on that level, The Flash’s part of this event was a lot of fun. There were small amounts of plot that the writers threw in just to keep the […]