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The Flash Review: Crossover Event “Invasion!” Cranks up the Fun

by Jeff Fountainon November 30, 2016
All you need to know about this crossover event is this: Aliens versus superheroes. That’s it. No need to go any deeper than that and really, on that level, The Flash’s part of this event was a lot of fun. There were small amounts of plot that the writers threw in just to keep the […]

The Flash Review: Time for Some Fun In “The New Rogues”

by Jeff Fountainon October 26, 2016
With all the heavy lifting The Flash has done recently in regards to time travel and the Flashpoint storyline, “The New Rogues” was a great way to take time out and simply have some fun, showing off the great chemistry these actors have while still managing to throw in a few dramatic moments just to […]


The Flash Review: Time Travel Reality Check in “Paradox”

by Jeff Fountainon October 12, 2016
With the season premiere leaving me a bit underwhelmed and this episode centering on time travel, again, I was really not getting a good vibe on where this season was headed. However, “Paradox” was solid, taking a long hard look at the ramifications of Barry’s jaunts through time and just how everyone was affected by […]

The Flash Review: Another Dance with Time in “Flashpoint”

by Jeff Fountainon October 5, 2016
In its first two seasons The Flash has, for the most part, been able to balance the quirky humor and fun with more serious issues and ideas. The show has invited us in to its world and made us actually care about the characters and what goes on in their lives. The season three premier […]


The Flash Season 2 Finale Review: Surprises and Disappointments in “The Race of His Life”

by Jeff Fountainon May 25, 2016
As I mentioned numerous times while reviewing The Flash this season, the whole Zoom storyline, while interesting at first, was quickly turning into a mess. Big buildups and letdowns lead to the showdown in the finale that included the master plan that Zoom had been moving towards all along that left me…uninterested. Frankly, the end […]

The Flash Review: Consequences and Reverberations in “Versus Zoom”

by Jeff Fountainon April 20, 2016
So, not only do we get Zoom back, facing off with Barry and Team Flash but we get his backstory to find out how he became Zoom. These two parts of the episode were very effective to be sure, but “Versus Zoom” was so full of plot holes and head scratching moments that it ended […]


The Flash Review: That Tricky Time Travel in “Flash Back”

by Jeff Fountainon March 30, 2016
As always, no matter what the show, time travel is a tricky thing. I can be a useful tool if done properly or leave an audience puzzled and frustrated at some of the things they have just seen. This week’s episode of The Flash entitled “Flash Back” gave us a little bit of both. Some […]

The Flash Review: Fun and Drama in “Welcome to Earth-2”

by Jeff Fountainon February 10, 2016
This was a very big episode for The Flash, not just for this season, but the series itself. If “Welcome to Earth-2” had bombed, it could have had serious consequences on the show would move forward. As it turns out, there wasn’t much to worry about as the episode was done very well, with just […]

The Flash and Supergirl set to meet on TV in March

by Jeff Fountainon February 3, 2016
Get set for another superhero team up as the fastest man alive visits National City! Hold on tight as The Flash crosses over to Supergirl March 28th at 8/7c on CBS.

The Flash Review: Family and Betrayal in “Fast Lane”

by Jeff Fountainon February 3, 2016
While the strange West family dynamic continues to work itself out and Dr. Wells was acting like the Wells we all love to loathe, “Fast Lane” blew a tire with maybe the worst meta-human villain they have ever come up with, dragging down what was a pretty interesting episode. (Ok, the Bug-Eyed Bandit might be […]