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Preacher Review: Things Heat Up, Literally, in ‘The Tombs’

by Jeff Fountainon July 16, 2018
*SOME SPOILERS AHEAD* More Tulip, some fight club action in the tombs and the return of our favorite gunslinger from hell made for an interesting episode this week. However, the quest to find God seems to have fallen by the wayside while Jesse sorts out his family problems and Tulip and Cassidy fight to survive. […]

Preacher Review: Tulip To The Rescue in ‘Gonna Hurt’

by Jeff Fountainon July 10, 2018
After two exciting, interesting and extremely fun episodes to open season three, Gonna Hurt was a bit of a step backward in story and energy, except for Tulip who singlehandedly saved the episode from being simply average. There were some interesting bits to be sure but too many recycled plot arcs made it feel like […]

Exclusive Preacher Clip: Gonna Hunt

by Jeff Fountainon July 5, 2018
Here is an exclusive clip from the upcoming third episode of season three of Preacher entitled ‘Gonna Hunt’. This episode sees Jesse working to pay back his debt to Gran’ma, with Tulip and Cassidy risking their safety as they formulate their own plans to get out of Angelville.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Talk All Things Preacher

by Jeff Fountainon June 27, 2018
Recently we had the chance to be part of a conference call with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who discussed many things about the TV show Preacher, including what we can expect in season three. The following is an edited and condensed version of the hour-long conference call. Keisha Hatchett/ I’m curious because season two […]


Preacher Review: It’s All About Family in Angelville

by Jeff Fountainon June 25, 2018
It’s funny that out of all the people and obstacles Jesse has faced over the first two seasons of Preacher, his biggest challenge would be facing his family. A return to Angelville, to things he has been running from his whole life, should be very interesting for Jesse and if this season’s first episode is […]

Interview: Pip Torrens Talks Preacher

by Jeff Fountainon June 23, 2018
Recently we had a chance to talk with Pip Torrens about his character Herr Starr on AMC’s hit show Preacher, which is getting ready to begin its third season. Was acting something you always wanted to do or did that interest develop over time? Pip: I think both if that’s possible. I always enjoyed it […]

Interview: Sherman Augustus Talks Into the Badlands

by Jeff Fountainon June 19, 2018
Recently we had the chance to talk with Sherman Augustus, who plays Nathaniel Moon on the hit AMC series Into the Badlands. So how did you get into the acting business? Was it something you always wanted to do or did you kind of fall into it, like one of those happy accidents? Sherman: It […]

Exclusive Image from Preacher Season Three

by Jeff Fountainon June 15, 2018
Here is an exclusive image from season three of AMC’s Preacher. The show returns Sunday, June 24th.


Movie Review: Art of Obsession

by Jeff Fountainon June 14, 2018
Horror is a unique genre that doesn’t have to scare you with just blood and guts. In fact, it’s usually the psychological aspect, be it the inner demon or wondering what the hell is around the corner that makes horror truly terrifying. Writer/ director Ryan M. Andrews takes the ‘screw with your mind’ route and […]

Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks Comes To a Cineplex Near You June 14th

by Jeff Fountainon June 12, 2018
BBC Studios – Americas and Cineplex Events are partnering to screen the NEVER BEFORE SEEN 90-minute director’s cut of the hugely popular classic Doctor Who adventure, Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks, on Thursday, June 14 in select theatres nationwide. An exclusive interview with the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, will follow this special version. Following […]