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The Brave is the Best Show You May Not Be Watching

by Garyon November 16, 2017
It’s ironic that a show about secret missions is this year’s best kept TV secret. The fall finale of The Brave airs this coming Monday and is likely an explosive end to an exciting first chapter. The show centres on an elite team of Defense Intelligence operators and the expert analysts who support their covert missions around […]

Heroes Reborn Review: “Project Reborn” Finale Falls Flat

by Alanna Smithon January 21, 2016
And with that, Heroes Reborn has come to an end. After struggling to keep its footing for 13 episodes, this show ended on an unfulfilling note. Before I dive into an unfortunately negative review, I will say that Quentin’s end speech (while very Avengers-like) was actually quite nice and is the kind of tone this series should have […]


Heroes Reborn Review: “Company Woman” Explores Erica’s Backstory

by Alanna Smithon January 14, 2016
The end draws near for Heroes Reborn as it faces it’s series finale next week, and while this week’s episode was definitely a step up from the last, I don’t know that we’re coming to a strong enough grand finale. With the impending H.E.L.E. mere hours away (yeah apparently it’s an acronym – here I was […]

Heroes Reborn Review: “Send in the Clones” Struggles to Keep Up

by Alanna Smithon January 8, 2016
And we’re back. Sort of. After it’s winter hiatus Heroes Reborn returned for the first of its final three episodes, and while I wish I could say they came back with a bang, in reality it was a bit lacklustre. This show was already a bit tough to keep up with, and unfortunately the long hiatus […]


Heroes Reborn Review: Alliances Formed in “11:53 to Odessa”

by Alanna Smithon November 20, 2015
The second half of the Heroes Reborn miniseries is certainly proving to be more rewarding than the first, and this week we finally got a good look at Erica’s plan for the future. Not a great plan but hey, at least we got to see it. In the aftermath of Joanne’s rampage, Malina and Noah set […]

Heroes Reborn Review: Watch Out for Butterflies in “Sundae, Bloody Sundae”

by Alanna Smithon November 13, 2015
After a bit of a slow start, it looks like things are definitely back on track for Heroes Reborn. Last night’s episode saw the results of Noah and Hiro’s time travel set in motion, and had several characters finally cross paths. After his little vacation in Paris with Emily, Tommy returns to his mother and encounters […]

Daniel Cerone Posts Constantine Script for Episode 14

by Alanna Smithon November 6, 2015
Constantine fans have proven to be fiercely loyal, and last week co-creator and executive producer Daniel Cerone rewarded #Hellblazers with something incredibly special. To help promote Arrow‘s Constantine-filled episode, he sent out a tweet saying that if it reached 2,000 retweets, he would post the script for what would have been episode 14 of Constantine. Of course the tweet […]

Heroes Reborn Review: Time Travel Makes a Comeback in “June 13th”

by Alanna Smithon November 6, 2015
Since last week’s episode was left very open ended, I decided to wait until this week to review both Part 1 and 2 of ‘June 13th’ together. As it turns out this was literally the worst idea because these two episodes have been more complex than the rest of the season which, to be fair, […]


Heroes Reborn “Game Over” Review – Too Late for a Hiro?

by Alanna Smithon October 22, 2015
While I tune in every week to Heroes Reborn – and I will continue to for the rest of this miniseries – much of it is just out of sheer devotion to the original series. The new characters and their motivations are getting a bit confusing. Erica and Renautas’ plan is still an unnecessary mystery; we […]

The Shield #1 is a Revolution

by Laura Cerroneon October 21, 2015
The Shield was one of the first patriotic superheroes in history, fighting the good fight for justice a full 14 months before Captain America graced comic books. There have been a few incarnations of The Shield from when the original Joe Higgins held the mantle and to when Lancelot Strong, Bill Higgins and Michael Barnes […]