The Geeky Weekly: August 9 – August 17

The Geeky Weekly: August 9 – August 17

August 17, 2015 0 By Laura Cerrone

A day late but still filled with the news you may have missed. Normally the Weekly comes out on Sundays, but sometimes vacations must be taken, and when there is no Wifi at the lake… well… the Weekly comes out a day late.

It’s time to geek out with the Geeky Weekly:

∴ FINALLY! Hanging up at Disney’s D23 Expo this past week was an eye-catching poster that confirmed there most certainly will be The Incredibles 2. Posters alongside confirmed there will also be a Toy Story 4, Finding Dory and Cars 3.



∴ NBC is picking up a new superhero show. Or perhaps, superhero-less show. Gathering the rights for DC Comic’s Powerless, based on the namesake comics. These comics deal with what it is like to live in the ‘real world’ when there are actual superheroes. Set to be a 30-minute workplace comedy, it is unknown whether or not we will see any superheroes headlining DC Entertainment’s television and cinematic ventures.


∴ Another whopper of announcement at D23 this year was an expansion set to happen at both Disney parks in the United States. Disneyland and Walt Disney World are each getting their own Star Wars expansions. Disney President Bob Iger delivered the announcement and fleshed out some details about the additions, park goers will have custom experiences with the franchises most memorable ships, dine at places like the Cantina, visit new places from The Force Awakens and the new trilogy, and much, much more.

disney star wars


‍∴ Disney dominated the headlines this week with another announcement. At the Disney Interactive panel at D23 there will be a new world to explore in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. The world of San Fransokyo, the world that Hiro Hamada and Baymax live in from Disney’s Big Hero 6 will be included in the game. No release date has been set for the latest installment of Kingdom Hearts.



∴ It had only been rumored weeks before but it is now a solid confirmation. At the TCA conference, NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt confirmed the early development of a Xena reboot. Greenblatt says they are looking for a writer to bring the show back with classic Xena charisma and Katniss from The Hunger Games’ intelligence. He is also looking to include Lucy Lawless in the new series. Lawless is married to producer Rob Tapert who was one of the original shows producers.

xena lucy lawless

∴ A remake of Resident Evil 2 adds to the amount of video game news we have seen this week. It was announced via video message from Producer Yoshiaki Hirabyashi. At this time we know there will be a remake but we know of no other details.

resident evil 2

∴ Some sad news also occurred this week. Known as the Route 29 Batman, Lenny B. Robinson was killed in a roadside accident. The Maryland man used his wealth accumulated from a cleaning business to customize his own Batmobile and Batsuit and he visited children cospitals cheering up the children. Robinson’s Batmobile broke down on a highway and he was struck and killed waiting on the roadside for assistance. His real life superhero work will be missed.


Lenny Robinson batman