April 23, 2015 0 By Marc

Want to save one of your favourite shows from cancellation? Well now is the time.

Constantine has had a rough go over its first season with rumors of its possible early cancellation and doubt of a second season. Come this Monday, showrunner Daniel Cerone will be sitting down with NBC to discuss the future of Constantine, if any. About an hour ago @DanielVCerone tweeted:

As far as we can tell, the only way we can save our beloved smart talking exorcist is to help spread the word of the possible cancellation and petition to keep it on the air.

These types of petitions have worked in the past when it came to other fan popular shows on the chopping block such as Chuck and Community. NBC seems to have a strange fetish of cancelling shows with great potential and they need to know that there are fans out there that still care what they do. My suggestion to NBC would be not putting it in a terrible timeslot, and maybe a few commercials to let people know the show exists would be a great start to getting the show profitable, considering it is one of their most expensive shows to produce right now.

As for what you can do to save the show? Go to Twitter! Sign the petition! Keep Constantine on the air!