The Shield #1 is a Revolution

The Shield #1 is a Revolution

October 21, 2015 0 By Laura Cerrone

The Shield was one of the first patriotic superheroes in history, fighting the good fight for justice a full 14 months before Captain America graced comic books.

There have been a few incarnations of The Shield from when the original Joe Higgins held the mantle and to when Lancelot Strong, Bill Higgins and Michael Barnes all were incarnated as the Shield. But now, in 2015, the mythos is changing and a new character is filling the shoes of the iconic Archie Comics-Dark Circle-owned character. Making her debut in The Shield #1 Daughters of the Revolution Part 1, comic book readers are in for an intriguing treat and the latest spin on a character based in the roots of history.

And to just warn you, this review does contain some minor spoilers.

The shield victoria adams

Victoria Adams careens through the pages. She is lethal with little regards for pragmatism. Jumping through time from the Revolutionary War to present day, a lot of mystery shrouds the heroine as she runs from authorities and deals with the implications her existence has brought upon her. Her story runs eerily similar to NBC’s Blindspot with Jaimie Alexander. Whether that is a coincidence or writers exacting the worth of female characters will be a mystery left unsolved by the series. This first issue exudes a caliber of writing that will have you salivating for issue #2.

In a comic climate where so many canonically established characters are getting diverse U-hauls, sometimes it is a wonder whether it is out of well intent or industry pressure to better reflect the changing nature of society. Victoria Adams doesn’t take away from the previous Shield incarnates. She has been adapted into the line smoothly, and without force. Her story is her own, but is still connected to the Shield legacy. It is what makes her fit without forcing her. Her character shows so much depth and is multi-faceted.

It looks like Victoria Adams will shape up to be a great character, to follow now, and in future books and in years. Written by Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig, the two writers melded together to create a concise and readable character. Artists Drew Johnson, Rachel Deering and Kelly Fitzpatrick back up the vision with clean artwork. Victoria, and anyone else who enters the frames are clearly illustrated, making the read both entertaining and engaging. The art draws you in, the writing keeps you there.

The Shield #1Variant-Robinson

Who is Victoria Adams? Who is hunting her? What is her purpose? Daughter of the Revolution leaves a lot of open questions, but we’re also given enough answers to hold on to.

Simply put, this is a fantastic first issue, and the Archie Comics team who put it together are a definitive match.

The Shield #1 Daughter of the Revolution Part 1 is a powerful first issue. It’s in stores today, October 21st, 2015 in stores and online.