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Captain America Civil War Primer: Who is the Black Panther?

by Garyon May 6, 2016
Black Panther is the most prominent new addition to the Marvel Universe in Captain America: Civil War, in wide release around the world today. Some moviegoers might be curious about who Black Panther is going into the film…so here’s a primer on the sensational Black Panther! This article does NOT contain spoilers for Captain America: […]

Singularity Heats Things Up on Agents of SHIELD

by Laura Cerroneon April 27, 2016
Episode 18 – Singularity In this episode, the agents of SHIELD find themselves once again severed. With Daisy joining Team Hive and working to recruit Inhumans, such as the Alisha from season two and James, who turned in to Hellfire, tensions continued to escalate. This is the beginning of the Fallen Agent plot, a much-hyped Marvel […]

Stan Lee’s 15 Best Marvel Movie Cameos

by Alanna Smithon December 28, 2015
For the last 15 years, Marvel has made a tradition of sneaking comic book creator Stan Lee into just about every Marvel-affiliated film. Fans love watching each film carefully, waiting for Stan The Man to make his appearance, and Stan no doubt enjoys being involved. From his background appearance in X-Men to his role as bartender in Ant-Man – wherever […]

WHiH Newsfront is a Real Marvel Cinematic Universe News Channel

by Alanna Smithon July 19, 2015
Part of what makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe so great is that it’s, well, a universe. The MCU spans across films, shorts, tv shows, Netflix series, and of course ties into certain comics, but it also finds ways to be even more interactive by merging with the real world. In this case, by taking the news channel that exists […]

The Geeky Weekly: June 21 – June 28

by Laura Cerroneon June 28, 2015
This week had been a bit quieter then previous weeks, or perhaps it was overshadowed by the bigger world news stories. Either way, there is still plenty of news to drum up.   ∴ As Kelly Sue DeConnick ends her Ms. Marvel run, Marvel has tapped Agent Carter writers Tara Butters and Michelle Fazekas to […]

Cosplay Photoset: Genderbent Star-Lord and Gamora

by Alanna Smithon May 15, 2015
This Fan Friday we put the spotlight on an awesome Guardians of the Galaxy photoset by cosplay couple Aicosu, who really knocked it out of the park – or rather, the galaxy – with this genderbent Star-Lord and Gamora cosplay. Starring Sheila as the legendary outlaw and Sylar as the most dangerous man in the universe, this epic […]


Agents of SHIELD Season Two Finale Review

by Laura Cerroneon May 12, 2015
Episodes 22 and 23 – S.O.S Part One and Part Two Explosive. The Agents of SHIELD season two finale was not a television show, it was a 2 hour movie of top-notch storytelling. It began – and ended with a serious bite. There was drama and action and nail-biting moments and it was tough to believe I was […]

Top 12 Age of Ultron Cosplays

by Alanna Smithon May 1, 2015
“And there came a day unlike any other, when earth’s mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat. To fight the foes no single superhero could withstand. On that day, the Avengers were born.” Or rather, the Avengers returned, and today is that day. Avengers: Age of Ultron is finally out in theatres in North […]

8 Marvel Fan Theories That Never Came True

by Alanna Smithon April 30, 2015
Theories, headcanons, predictions – whatever you want to call them, fans always have them. Whenever we’re presented with a fandom we like to make guesses (sometimes wild ones) about what really happened or what’s going to happen next. When the truth is revealed to us we tend to do one of 3 things: Celebrate about how […]

The ULTIMATE Marvel Marathon – A Chronological Guide

by Alanna Smithon April 24, 2015
With Avengers: Age of Ultron fast approaching, many Marvel fans are planning to marathon the 10 preceding films in preparation for the big event. Some Cineplex theatres are even hosting the “Ultimate Marvel Marathon”: 27 hours straight of Marvel movies ending in Age of Ultron. But I’m here to tell you that is nowhere near the […]