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Comic Book Men Season 7 Premiere

by Mel Burkeon October 23, 2017
In the season 7 premiere of AMC’s Comic Book Men, the gang discusses apocalypse survival methods and The Walking Dead comic just in time for its televised counterpart’s season premiere. For the uninitiated (like me), Comic Book Men is what happens when Kevin Smith, Mike Zapcic, Ming Chen, Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan chat through […]
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The Geeky Weekly: January 3 – January 10

by Laura Cerroneon January 10, 2016
What a beginning to the New Year! Lots of news and lots of enthusiasm for what will be a great year in comics, video games, movies, TV and any other venue you can consume anything remotely geeky. And, as a reminder, here are a few lists we’ve compiled to get you hyped. We’ve got 2016 […]

Kevin Smith Talks Mallrats Sequel

by EVAon March 17, 2015
Kevin Smith first hinted last Thursday on Twitter about a potential sequel to his 1995 cult classic, Mallrats. We shoot CLERKS III in May. HIT SOMEBODY shoots September to Christmas. Then in Feb 2016, we do MOOSE JAWS. But after that? I smell a rat… — KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) March 12, 2015 Mallrats was a film […]

Spoilers Comes to Canada

by EVAon November 2, 2013
Kevin Smith is taking you to the movies with Spoilers!