Comic Book Men Season 7 Ep 4: A Method to Their Madness

Comic Book Men Season 7 Ep 4: A Method to Their Madness

November 27, 2017 0 By Mel Burke

“I’ve never had to hide it. I was known for it.”

In this week’s episode, the Comic Book Men demonstrate how limited their knowledge of the rap world is and Walt gets to go for a spin in an original Starsky and Hutch screen car.

There’s a lot of selling and buying in this episode, starting with a set of Starsky and Hutch collector walkie talkies that Walt buys out of some guy’s trunk. But that trunk happens to be attached to one of three remaining screen-used Gran Torino’s from the original series that ran in the 1970’s. After making his completely legal and not even remotely sketchy trunk purchase, Walt gets to go for a ride in the Gran Torino while wearing a Starsky replica sweater and socks with the duo’s faces printed on them–may our eyes eventually recover from the sight. Additionally, a young man brings in an original of Eminem’s team up with The Punisher that includes an inscription from Stan Lee–“With tight flow comes great responsibility.” The things I would do for Stan Lee to write a personalized inscription about me…

The celebrity appearance this episode is none other than rap industry great and accomplished actor Method Man, who freestyles in exchange for a Mego Aquaman. When Walt asks him if he’s ever had to hide his love for comics from the hip-hop world, Method Man says “I’ve never had to hide it. I was known for it.” Can we get a Method Man/Punisher crossover? I’d throw money at that.

Method Man also happens to be a huge Kevin Smith fan and hands a couple of Jay and Silent Bob figures across the table asking for Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes would sign them. Smith, when he finds out, looks shocked but excited. I guess sometimes even famous people get to fanboy out.

Comic Book Men airs late night Sundays on AMC and you can always check back here with me and The GCE to see what you missed.