Spoilers Comes to Canada

Spoilers Comes to Canada

November 2, 2013 0 By EVA

Kevin Smith is taking you to the movies with Spoilers!

Kevin Smith announced today that the Canadian network Comedy Network has picked up the rights to his show Spoilers to shoot and air the second season. Kevin will begin shooting in December in Los Angeles as the series is set to unfold in the same month. A U.S. and worldwide air date has yet to be confirmed but for now, us Canadians get first hand exposure to this gem of a TV series.

It’s a well known fact that Kevin sometimes considers himself an honourary Canadian as he embraces Canada as his second home and expresses his love for everything hockey and Wayne Gretzky. Kevin has hosted many Q&A sessions in Toronto and other Canadian cities as well as attended film school in Vancouver with friend Scott Mosier. The indie filmmaker that gave us Clerks and changed the face of filmmaking at the age of twenty-three has since brought us many more movies, books, and a fantastic show that airs on AMC called Comic Book Men.

Stan Lee on the last season of "Spoilers".

Stan Lee on the last season of “Spoilers”.

If you’ve never seen an episode of Spoilers, then you are in for a treat of movie spoiling every episode. The premise behind Spoilers is that Kevin Smith will take a studio audience out to the movies and pay for them to see the film. After the movie is where the beginning of the episode starts as Kevin explains what movie they went to see. From there, the audience interacts with Kevin on their opinions of the movie and what parts they disliked or liked. Kevin will then bring out special guest and do what he does best; picking their brain with random topics. The show has played hosts to such guests as comic legend Stan Lee and Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher, just to name a few. From there, Kevin will do a review on an indie film of choice before wrapping up each 30 minute episode.

The show is packed with laughter at every turn and leaves you wanting more; it’s perfect for the Kevin Smith fan or movie buff in your life. Spoilers has the promise to be another great TV series involving Kevin alongside Comic Book Men. Be sure to keep an eye on Kevin’s Facebook Page and the Comedy Network for air dates to come this December.