Your One-Stop Comic Book Men Season 7 Catch-Up

Your One-Stop Comic Book Men Season 7 Catch-Up

March 12, 2018 0 By Mel Burke

Comic Book Men on AMC returned from its mid-season hiatus on February 25. Here’s what’s happened since:

Episode 7

Rosario Dawson shows up and Walt doesn’t know who she is — despite having worked on Clerks 2 with her and her face being actually plastered across almost every Marvel Cinematic franchise in existence right now. But that’s fine, because Ming fanboys out enough for the entire shop and it’s incredibly adorable.

A young woman scores a silver age Super Friends Valentines work book and another guy picks up a rare issue with Cable, prompting a discussion about how cool it is to see a comic book character that isn’t young and beautiful.

Finally, Brian O’Halloran comes in with a small independent film crew who has made a movie in homage to the creation of Kevin Smith’s original Clerks, aptly titled Shooting Clerks. Everyone goes to see it at a local theatre and Kevin cries basically all the way through it — as would you if someone made a movie about a critical moment in your life.

Episode 8

This episode has dogs and that’s basically the only thing that matters.

The guys throw a canine adoption event and invite Burt Ward to host. Ward played the original Robin in the 1960’s Batman and happens to have a deep passion for rescue dogs. The Stash hosts the first annual Canine Cosplay Contest, awarding the first ever first place ribbon to a pair of dachshunds dressed as power rangers. It’s exactly as cute as it sounds, made only further adorable by Kevin yelling “Doxies should always win,” when the guys catch him up later.

Episode 9

You thought I was kidding about that episode 8 recap weren’t you? I wasn’t. Dogs over EVERYTHING.

Anyway, we get a fun look at some of the famed Atari Landfill Games when a customer brings some in for sale — authentic dirtied plastic and everything. Again, Ming steps in and understands what’s happening, getting so excited as to buy the ET cartridge from the guy even though Walt doesn’t want any of the games for what the customer is asking. Can I just say, that at this point in my recapping and the season, Ming is probably my favorite Stash guy? Dude knows what’s up.

Mike Colter comes in and Walt has a fan boy moment where he points and says “Luke Cage!” and Colter graciously reminds him of his real name. He then offers to sign some books in exchange for the issue where Iron Fist and Power Man (Luke Cage’s other superhero name) meet for the first time. I need more Mike Colter screen time in my life. Can he come back for another episode?

Ben Cooper, the creator of a series of toys known as “jigglers” has a great-grand-niece who comes in the shop looking for some of her great-grand-uncle’s merchandise. After Walt runs her through the ringer for not owning everything her uncle ever made, he offers to call somebody who would have what she’s looking for. Turns out his dude has the hookup and the niece walks away with a box full of toys.


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