Comic Book Men Season 7 Episode 5: A Sea of Jay and Silent Bobs

Comic Book Men Season 7 Episode 5: A Sea of Jay and Silent Bobs

December 4, 2017 0 By Mel Burke

“Picture a sea of Jay and Silent Bob cosplayers.”

The only “what would you do” this episode is whether or not the guys would become a Wallstreet Banker or run a family farm. Ming is a banker. Walt is a farmer and invites the Stash crew to come with him. Of course they decide to be weed farmers.

Up for sale this episode is a signed, platinum edition of Death of Superman. There were 10K copies printed and apparently these babies sell like hotcakes because Walt jumps on it. In an in-between moment, Kevin gets busted as someone who thought Superman was never coming back to life. It’s okay, Kevin, we’ve all had our moments. 

A guy walks in and opens the next sale of the episode with “I’ve got something you’ve never seen before.” It’s a  Robert Cop 2—a Robocop bootleg figure. Walt is hesitant to purchase it because he doesn’t want the store to be perceived as “shady”—even though Kevin goes on to tell how the first year of the Secret Stash, they sold a whole wall of VHS bootlegs. 

Walt descides to shut down the neighborhood street to gather together a record-breaking number of Jay and Silent Bob cosplayers in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Secret Stash. They need 250 Jay and Silent Bobs to break the current record—because apparently there was already a record for Jay and Silent Bobs in public. It comes time for the Guinness Book of World Records rep to count everyone. It turns out they’re super close to the number they need, so the Stash crew decides to hop into costume to add themselves to the number, bringing the whole event to 280 Jay and Silent Bob cosplayers and breaking the Guinness World Record. 

Best moment of the show was Jennifer, Kevin’s wife, making him kiss her with a Silent Bob beard on. Get it, girl.