Comic Cons Around the World

Comic Cons Around the World

August 6, 2015 0 By EVA

North America isn’t the only region that has amazing comic conventions like San Diego Comic Con. In fact, fans of cons in the far Western hemisphere of the world may want to renew their passports and hop on a plane to experience what can only be described as astounding celebrations of pop-culture. These cons boast big numbers, dedicated fans, and unbelievable cosplay…. Plus they really know how to party.

Here’s just a quick look at the comic cons that lie beyond our shorelines.


Comiket/Comic Market
Tokyo, Japan
Attendance: 500,000+

Known to the Western world as Comiket or Comic Market, Japan’s largest, and also the world’s largest comic convention takes place twice a year in the country touted as cosplay’s cradle. Known in Japan as NatsuKomi for the three-day summer leg that takes place in mid-August, and Fuyukomi for the two-to-three day winter event that is hosted at the end of the year. As the attendance for this con swells every year, the convention organizers had to prohibit lining up early since thousands of attendees had been showing up days in advanced creating security and traffic complications. The extreme amount of people also called for mobile companies to set up temporary antennas for the vast amount of devices and to cover dead service areas.

Comiket began in 1975 by Yoshiro Yonezawa and had reached 10,000 attendees by 1982 and 100,000 attendees by 1989. The con is one of the most popular for DIY works, called dōjinshi. With facts like these you can’t deny the passion Japan has for comics, anime, and other geeky media.



 Take a look at Comiket’s website.  

Lucca Comics & Games
Lucca, Italy
Attendance: 240,000+

Second in highest attendance (Comiket is number one on that), the Lucca Comic & Games convention is held in Lucca, Italy during the fall. The most unique part about this festival is the location itself, the very piazzas and alleys of the Medieval/Renaissance city. It originally began in 1962 under the name of Salone Internazionale del Comics (International Congress of Comics), and changed its name to Lucca Comics & Games in 1996. The convention hosts the Yellow Kid Awards that celebrates cartoonists, publishers, and anyone creatively involved domestic and foreign in the comic book world. In 2002 the convention began awards for games as well. Being that the convention is held outside (and indoors as well in theaters, churches, and museums!) cosplayers will love the backdrop of the cities historical Renaissance walls and even older Medieval architecture.  



Visit the Lucca Comics & Games convention here.    

Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Attendance: 148,000+

The Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos jockeys for the highest attendance in the Americas between San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con, but while those conventions are yearly, the Brazilian festival only occurs once every two years. Fortunately for Brazilian comic book fans the event is taking place this year, from November 11 – 15.

One of the most startling facts about this festival is that it is free! Of course, registration is still required and fills up fast.  


Read up on the Festival by clicking here.


 Middle East Film and Comic Con
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Attendance: 20,000+

One of the newer comic conventions in the world, the Middle East Film and Comic Con also takes place in one of the newest and fastest growing cities in the world as well. Beginning in 2012, organizers moved the convention from the Minha Seyahi venue to the larger Dubai World Trade Centre’s Dubai’s International Exhibition and Conference Centre building.

It is the first comic convention in the Middle East and with that distinction also the largest. Since its inaugural year it has attracted big names in the pop culture, horror, comics, and film/tv industries such as Jason Momoa, John Rhys-Davies, Hayley Atwell, Marvel Comics and many more. The MEFCC will be one to watch out for in coming years.



Check out MEFCC’s website.    

MCM London Comic Con
London, United Kingdom
Attendance: 120,000+

The UK is one of the biggest exporters of pop culture (largely due to BBC and Harry Potter, in my opinion). The MCM Expo Group hosts the show as well as the Midlands Comic Con, Birmingham Comic Con, Manchester Comic Con, Scotland Comic Con, and Memorabilia Birmingham. London Comic Con is its flagship and largest. You can expect many celebrities  Like Comiket, it takes place twice a year, once in May and once in October. The event started in 2001.  



Take a look at who will be attending the next MCM.