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Fitz Iain de Caestecker

Agents of SHIELD has Fun and Games

by Laura Cerroneon January 7, 2018
Agent of Shield returned after a week holiday break with Fun and Games, the follow-up to their bottle episode Rewind, which chronicled Fitz reuniting with Hunter to track down the team. The episode, directed by Clark Gregg (Coulson!), was one of the best in the series this far. Pulling together the world building work of the earlier episodes, coupled with the addition of Fitz and his rescue mission with Enoch, it gave the show the direction it needed.

The Nintendo Switch, Is It Worth It?

by Hannah Broadbenton July 26, 2017
The Nintendo Switch was released last March and since then they have been a nightmare to obtain. Thousands and thousands of people preordered a Switch way back when, which was the smartest choice you could’ve made, because now you can’t find them on retailer’s websites or in brick and mortar stores. Yeah, you could get […]

Five Question Friday with Aaron Dill and Sean Sweigart, Board Game Designers

by Garyon June 10, 2016
Full Disclosure: I love board games. One might say, I’m obsessed with them. I play them and when I’m not playing them, I think about playing them. My favourite board game by far is Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery. It’s a game wherein you assume the role of the leader of a gladiatorial school […]

Cissy Jones on Character Development, Oculus Rift Games, and “Mocapwork”

by Mel Burkeon March 23, 2016
Cissy Jones has a long list of voice acting credits behind her name, including The Walking Dead: The Game, Batman Arkham Knight, and the wildly popular subculture hit Life is Strange. This year she plays the voice of walkie-talkie lifeline, Delilah, in Firewatch and claims the lead role of Commander Alex Oshima in Adr1ft, an immersive first-person […]

5 MMO’s Still Going Strong In 2016

by Marcon January 28, 2016
Many different MMO’s have come and gone, but some have stayed around due to a loyal player base and a large amount of updates from the creators. Here is a list of 5 MMO’s that have managed to stay alive in 2016.

Comic Cons Around the World

by Laura Cerroneon August 6, 2015
North America isn’t the only region that has amazing comic conventions like San Diego Comic Con. In fact, fans of cons in the far Western hemisphere of the world may want to renew their passports and hop on a plane to experience what can only be described as astounding celebrations of pop-culture. These cons boast […]

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer Is Here!

by Kaitlyn Smithon June 9, 2015
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 trailer is finally here! While the first Hunger Games movie may have missed its mark, the franchise has certainly bounced back under the direction of Francis Lawrence. As a reader (but not hardcore fan) of the books, these movies are the way I have enjoyed the story and I am […]