Agent Carter Cancelled and Twitter Explodes

Agent Carter Cancelled and Twitter Explodes

May 12, 2016 0 By Gary

Agent Carter’s had a tough year.

First, Captain America: Civil War, then the news from The Hollywood Reporter that Agent Carter would not see a third season.

I wrote about why I thought we needed a season three here and I stand by it.

However, ABC probably felt that the relatively low ratings didn’t merit a renewal.

Hold the Phone

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Just because Agent Carter has been cancelled, doesn’t mean fans need to take it lying down.

#AgentCarter trended on Twitter for hours after the announcement and even late into the night on the East Coast. The sentiments ran the gamut from anger over the cancellation to appreciation for showcasing a female superhero (I don’t care what anyone says, you don’t need powers to be a superhero, and Peggy Carter is one.)

Want to try and save the show? Here’s a few ways to get Agent Carter back on the radar…even if it’s on another network:

  • An EW poll that asks what one cancelled show should be saved here
  • Contact ABC directly via their website here
  • Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat using the Hashtags #AgentCarter #RenewAgentCarter
  • Google ABC studios physical address and write a letter. (I know it sounds crazy…but my teacher used to say that companies considered a single letter to represent the opinion of 1000 people. And now in the digital age, it has to be WAAAAY more, because honestly, who writes letters anymore?)
  • You can leave feedback by phone. You can skip the message prompts using the following steps: Dial the number 818-460-7477 (within the USA, add +1 at the beginning if dialing via an international cell phone) to get the “Audience information department,” then Press 1 for “ABC television network,” press 2 for “leave comment,” press 2 for “prime time shows,” enter 243 for “Marvel’s Agent Carter.” You have 30 seconds to record your message. (Shamelessly copied from the Agent Carter Feedback page here)

Peggy Carter has saved the world enough times.

We owe it to her to return the favour.