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Why You Need to Watch Santa Clarita Diet Right NOW!

by Hannah Broadbenton February 13, 2017
If you haven’t watched Netflix’s new show Santa Clarita Diet yet, what have you been doing with your life? There’s only 10 episodes so far, that are each 30 minutes long. You can definitely binge this show! Hands down this is the best horror-comedy show to come to Netflix in a long time. If you still aren’t […]
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Fast Facts About Iron Fist

by Laura Cerroneon February 10, 2017
Measuring in at 5ft 11in, Daniel Thomas Rand-K-ai, or better known simply as Danny Rand, has been a part of the Marvel universe since his first appearance in 1974. The latest in the Marvel and Netflix partnership and Defenders series, Iron Fist drops on March 17, 2017.   The series, formatted in 4K and HDR […]


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life “Winter” – Review

by Hannah Broadbenton November 25, 2016
This post WILL have spoilers! You have been warned. While everyone else was waiting in line outside for Black Friday, me and thousands of other people were curled up on their couches waiting for the clock to strike midnight and Netlix to update with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I will be reviewing each […]
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Agent Carter Cancelled and Twitter Explodes

by Garyon May 12, 2016
Agent Carter’s had a tough year. First, Captain America: Civil War, then the news from The Hollywood Reporter that Agent Carter would not see a third season. I wrote about why I thought we needed a season three here and I stand by it. However, ABC probably felt that the relatively low ratings didn’t merit a renewal. Hold the Phone […]

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The Geeky Weekly: April 10 – April 17

by Laura Cerroneon April 17, 2016
Another week and another stockpile of wonderful, geeky news. We’re now two weeks away from Captain America: Civil War, have you selected your side yet? It was a fantastic week for news and the Geeky Weekly is excited to bring it to you. The new Saban’s Power Rangers logo has been revealed. The movie, modeled […]

Netflix Might Renew Young Justice – Here’s Why They Should

by Alanna Smithon February 27, 2016
Earlier this month, Comic Book Resources and voice actor Khary Payton (Aqualad, Cyborg) reported that Netflix is looking at numbers for Young Justice to see if a third season is a possibility. And it seriously needs to happen. Payton and producer Greg Weisman have been asking fans to watch and tweet about Young Justice with #RenewYoungJustice, since now […]


Your Valentine’s Day 2016 Geeky Gift Guide

by Laura Cerroneon January 29, 2016
Valentine’s Day is a holiday you either love to hate or hate to love. Either way you feel about it, everyone wins on Feb. 15, when all chocolate is half off. That’s almost as fun as playing bingo so there’s a silver lining. V-Day is another perfect opportunity to lavish the nerdy lover of your […]

Matt Groening To Create New Series For Netflix

by Marcon January 15, 2016
As the Simpsons continues to grace our televisions for the 27th year, Groening will be shifting from cable to the digital landscape.


First Look at Daredevil’s Punisher and Elektra

by Alanna Smithon December 29, 2015
Following their new Doctor Strange photos, Entertainment Weekly released some new images from the upcoming season of Marvel and Netflix‘s Daredevil. We have our first official look at The Walking Dead star John Bernthal as Frank Castle aka The Punisher, a gun-toting former army man turned vigilante who is known to use lethal force among his crime-fighting methods. […]

Interview with Actor Maurice Compte of Narcos

by Jeff Fountainon December 18, 2015
With some solid work in television already on his resume, actor Maurice Compte is currently enjoying great success portraying Horacio Carrillo on the Netflix show Narcos. Recently, we had a chance to talk to Maurice about how he became an actor, his experience on Narcos and what is coming up for him in the future. […]