The Walking Dead “East” Review and Thoughts

The Walking Dead “East” Review and Thoughts

March 28, 2016 0 By Marc

It is less than 1 week away from the finale of The Walking Dead Season 6, and there have been so many questions left unanswered and so many things that we hope will happen or may not happen next Sunday. This week’s episode was a split between Darryl’s group searching for the ones who killed Denise, and Morgan and Rick searching for Carol.

Daryl has decided to revert back to a more reckless version of himself when he decided to go outside on his own to search for Dwight and his crew who ambushed them on the train tracks in the last episode. By doing this Daryl has not only put himself in a precarious position, but he has also put his friends into this position as well. With the other members of the group out and now captured by Dwight, it puts them all on the same possible death list that we know is coming next week. There is no way that the show runners will let everyone end the season alive, Gimple also likes to stray away from what happened in the comic quite frequently, so it may not be Glenn to die next week. Other survivors such as Daryl, Abraham, Carol, and even Morgan all have the exact same chances of being on the wrong end of the bat. We can tell for sure though that next week a large part of the episode will the attempted and hopefully successful rescue of the members of Alexandria that were taken hostage.

In this episode we also got a chance to have some alone time with just Rick and Morgan, this has not happened very much lately due to the massive difference in opinions when it comes to ensuring the safety of the group when it comes to killing or not killing anyone who threatens the safety of the group. Morgan wants to ensure that Carol continues on the new path she has chosen to not kill unless she has to, while Rick just wants to get her back because of what a powerful force of nature she is and all the good she has done for the group. Rick and Morgan get close to finding Carol, but only manage to find what could possibly one of the Saviors in a barn fighting off some of the dead. Morgan at every point trips up Rick from eliminating the possible threat that they find at the barn, even as far as knocking Rick off his shot when he tries to shoot the fleeing Savior. Rick and Morgan part ways after this point, and this also shows how separate they are not only on their opinions, but also their friendship. They are in the same place to survive, not to make friends, not any more.

Rick stated that Carol was a “force of nature” and that is proven 100% this week. Carol takes on an entire truckload of Saviors by herself, with little to no effort. Carol and manipulate, kill, and move on by herself, she doesn’t essentially need the group to survive. What Carol does need though is the mental support and community that Alexandria provides to her. Without this social aspect to her life, Carol will only further withdraw within herself and become cold and disconnected to the world around her. Carol thinks that going out on her own will reduce the amount of situations that she will need to kill, and reduce the chance that once again she will lose a friend or a loved one. But by doing this extreme thing of leaving everyone will just create a larger problem for everyone. Carol needs to come back home, and needs to be the “Mom” of the community. I truly think though that out of everyone, Carol has the largest chance of being the one who dies at the end of this season. Carol’s character was not really developed in the comic books, and she died quite early on.

If you have read the comic, you see Carol never get to the point she is now, but stay weak and die by committing suicide by feeding herself to a walker while still at the Hershel Greene’s farm. Carol would be an amazing character to have go on for many more seasons to help the group and become that badass female protagonist we all love.  If Carol is do die through next Sunday, we would have seen her story go full arc from the beaten housewife, to the strong fighter, to the mother of the community, to the one who sacrifices herself for those who has grown to love and take care of. I would be okay with this, and add her name to the list of those who have left the show.

One thing for sure we can look forward to next week is the very anticipated arrival of one of the more villainous characters to ever grace the pages of a comic, Negan. Negan is being portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan who we all know as the Comedian from Watchmen, and John Winchester in Supernatural. Morgan was made for this role, and when it was announced a few months ago that he would be the one whom would wield Lucille I had no qualms with the decision whatsoever. I hope Morgan is ready for the fact that people will hate and fear him going forward, considering the things he will do not only next Sunday, but to the group going forward in Season 7.

It is going to be one hell of a ride.