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[ D23 Expo ] News Round Up

by Drew Comerfordon July 15, 2017
It’s D23 Expo this weekend, a biannual gathering in Anaheim of Disney fans and creators to celebrate the past, present and future of Disney Entertainment. Much like our beloved San Diego Comic Con which happens next weekend, D23 is a place for Mickey Mouse and his staff to reveal news, trailers, and other announcements about […]
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The Geeky Weekly: August 9 – August 17

by Laura Cerroneon August 17, 2015
A day late but still filled with the news you may have missed. Normally the Weekly comes out on Sundays, but sometimes vacations must be taken, and when there is no Wifi at the lake… well… the Weekly comes out a day late. It’s time to geek out with the Geeky Weekly: ∴ FINALLY! Hanging […]