The Sinner Set to Kill on Showcase

by Garyon August 21, 2017
The Sinner is your not typical crime show and that’s on purpose. It’s not typical because they tell you whodunit right at the start. The information the lead detective (Bill Pullman) needs to uncover is why; why did an ordinary woman commit an unspeakable and surprising crime, seemingly with no motive or rationale? It’s a clever twist […]

Relive Your Youth with Free ROMs

by EVAon August 19, 2017
Nowadays, it is possible to relive exciting moments from the 90s playing your favorite video games. No matter what console games you liked to play, you can have it running on your PC, tablet, or even mobile with no problems. And for that, you will not need to have console hardware or Xbox at hand. […]

Dunkirk – Review

by Michael MacPhersonon July 27, 2017
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. That is about the easiest way to summarize Christopher Nolan’s latest theatrical masterpiece, Dunkirk. Nolan takes one of the most harrowing, and triumphant military retreats in the history of the world, and brings it to the screen in a way that leaves you gripping the seat and emotionally exhausted by the time […]

How to Enhance Your Game of Thrones Experience Beyond the HBO Series

by EVAon July 17, 2017
Everyone knows that the vast world created by George RR Martin and adapted for the screen by David Benioff and D.B Weiss stretches far beyond the confines of the hour-long episodes of the HBO series. Game of Thrones touches on some of the folklore and history that shapes the lands of Westeros and beyond, and […]

Talking Catwoman with Lee Meriwether at Eternal Con

by Laura Cerroneon July 6, 2017
Lee Meriwether’s career spans more than 50 years. She’s been Miss America, Catwoman and appeared on the long-running soap opera All My Children. Ms. Meriwether trekked out to Long Island, NY on July 1 and 2 to grace the masses in attendance for the fifth-annual Eternal Con. Signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, she […]

Popular Movies Made into Games

by EVAon February 4, 2017
Movies are a key part of our culture and continue to influence us on a daily basis. From the products we buy to the way we speak and act, we may even be subconsciously mirroring our (possibly fictional) heroes and villains. Movies aren’t just 2 hours of escapism anymore; the themes, characters and motives are […]

Game of Thrones Season 7: What to Expect

by EVAon January 25, 2017
Good news for Game of Thrones fans everywhere (which is a lot of you), the Season 7 premiere date may have leaked online, putting everyone in an absolute frenzy. If the article is correct, the hit HBO series will finally return to TV and streaming June 25 , but that’s still too long to wait […]

2017: The Year of 3D Tech

by EVAon December 15, 2016
Whilst there has been plenty of hype about how 3D in our movie theatres would help us get closer to the action, such technologies have often proved to be a little underwhelming. 2017 is already looking like it’s going to be a breakthrough year for 3D technology with everything from 3D printing to online slots games […]

On the Rack: December 7, 2016

by Laura Cerroneon December 6, 2016
We’re back with the pull list for New Comic Book Day! This week, get your hands on some amazing new issues from your favorite publishers. Comic books also make great Christmas and Hannukah gifts, so be sure to pick up a couple trade paperbacks for your loved ones!   Here is what’s on the rack […]

Top Five E-Sports Games

by EVAon November 11, 2016
On average, 79 million hours of eSports are watched on Twitch each month. According to Newzoo, the global audience will exceed 427 million by 2019 and the revenue will hit $1 billion that same year and that is only the beginning. How you determine the top five games depends on the criteria you look at, […]