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Rogue One is a Paradox; And That is a Good Thing

by Garyon December 17, 2016
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as I wrote last year, had a lot riding on it. As the first canonical Star Wars film set outside of the original trilogies, it needs to perform well because…in many ways…it is an experiment. Yes, it`s true that fans flocked to The Force Awakens but retro is hot right now (look no further than Jurassic […]

Gifts for the Fandoms

by Hannah Broadbenton December 16, 2016
The holidays are coming up, so let’s look at some cute, nerdy gifts that you can get for all the geeks in your life! 1. For all the Fandoms: Ugly Sweaters What’s better than ugly sweaters? Geeky ugly sweaters! There are so many to choose from so here’s a short list I found of just a […]

Hoth-like Weather Hits Rogue One Night – Canadians Refuse to Surrender

by Alanna Smithon December 15, 2016
The weather outside is frightful but the lure of a new Star Wars film is too delightful too resist. Despite the plunging temperature, painfully freezing wind chill and whiteout snow conditions here in Ontario, Star Wars fans are embracing the rebellious spirit and fighting through the Hoth-like weather to make it to the Rogue One opening […]

The Han Solo Film to Talk About in 2016

by Laura Cerroneon December 11, 2016
We’re not just talking about Star Wars: Rogue One here, we’re talking about a fan film titled Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade. A few months ago, we spoke with actor and comedian Jamie Costa, who had divulged to us about the film project he was gearing up to shoot. With funds raised on Indiegogo, Costa and a team […]

On the Rack: October 19

by Laura Cerroneon October 18, 2016
Say it with us, New Comic Book Day! An on the rack this October 19 is  bunch of good stuff. Check out these comics for yourself: 451 MEDIA GROUP Sunflower #6 (Of 6), $3.99 ABRAMS COMICARTS Si Lewen’s Parade An Artist’s Odyssey Wordless GN (Limited Edition), $250.00 ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT Blue Hour #2 (Cover A […]

Interview with True Blood and Blackwater Wilderness Actor John Hickman

by Laura Cerroneon October 11, 2016
You may think that moving to Hollywood, taking acting classes and getting an agent are the only ways of entering the industry of show business. However, as True Blood and Blackwater Wilderness actor John Hickman shows, sometimes an opportunity such as a bid can turn into a full-fledged career. Now working alongside the likes of Pierce Brosnan and James […]

Sphero BB-8 Forceband: Soon You Too Can Use The Force

by Garyon July 22, 2016
With all due respect to Daisy Ridley, BB-8 was the breakout star of The Force Awakens, and Sphero, the noted robotics company, has created a version you can own. And it is amazing. You use an app to drive him around and it’s actually pretty impressive how much control the app yields. This fall, however, Sphero […]

Five Question Friday with Anton Torres, Fantasy Flight Games

by Garyon June 17, 2016
Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) is one of, if not the, single most influential publisher of board games in the world. They produce games based on some of the biggest licenses such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and more. Recently they were gobbled up by the worldwide board game Goliath […]

Highlights from Eternal Con’s Fan Film Festival

by Laura Cerroneon June 10, 2016
The fourth annual Eternal Con kicked off Friday night at Long Island, NY’s Cradle of Aviation Museum. The con opened in the evening for fans looking to get first grabs of merchandise and to view more than a dozen fan films. The Eternal Con Fan Festival started with a panel of creators, Noel Brahm, DG, […]

Five Question Friday with Sorastro, Miniature Painting Guru

by Garyon June 3, 2016
Boardgames have become big business over the last few years with YouTube channels and conventions popping up all over. But when you buy a game that comes with miniatures and your artistic skills rival those of three-year old finger painters, what do you do? Suffer with the unpainted lumps of plastic every time to break […]