Comic Book Men Season 7 Episode 6: In a Galaxy Very Nearby

Comic Book Men Season 7 Episode 6: In a Galaxy Very Nearby

January 15, 2018 0 By Mel Burke

Ever wondered if C-3PO could pop a boner? Read on!

In this episode of Comic Book Men, the crew at Secret Stash kicks things off discussing what their one Jedi Mind Trick would be. Ming said never having to wait in line, Mike said getting out of speeding tickets and Walt said convincing waiters they don’t want a tip.

Walt, stop it.

A cavalcade of funky and rare Star Wars merch marched through the Secret Stash doors this episode. The first was a Star Wars Tops Card with C-3PO apparently popping a boner. The official story is that a piece of costume fell off right as the shot was being taken and the company had to recall the trading cards and re-release an airbrushed version. It’s a pretty good piece of anatomy, 3PO–I see you.

Next, the backing for a figure that never got made. Prune Face is apparently a character that gets panned over in a scene from one of the movies and much like his short lived moment of fame, his figure never amounted to anything either. The customer asks for $5K for the cardboard backing that would’ve accompanied the figure and Walt has to pass.

A woman searching for a gift for her fiance before their Star Wars-themed wedding buys a Gentle Giant figure of Han in carbonite–it’s the size of her torso–and Ming treats everyone to his impression of Han during the famous “I know” scene. The guys tease him mercilessly for this and somehow that devolves into Bryan making a chloroform joke.

Bryan, stop it.

The gang gets international for a minute when a guy brings in international Star Wars figures—some bootleg, some not. The guy claims most of the figures are worth anywhere between $6K-$10K. He’s raising money for Muscular Dystrophy and 100% of the sales will go to charity. Walt ends up buying the French Yoda for $2500.

Comic Book Men returns with a new episode for Season 7 on February 25 and you bet your happy ass I’ll be back with it.