Gifts for the Fandoms

Gifts for the Fandoms

December 16, 2016 0 By Hannah Broadbent

The holidays are coming up, so let’s look at some cute, nerdy gifts that you can get for all the geeks in your life!

1. For all the Fandoms:

  • Ugly Sweaters

What’s better than ugly sweaters? Geeky ugly sweaters! There are so many to choose from so here’s a short list I found of just a few of the geek-tastic sweaters you can get. Literally, there’s sweaters for every fandom! Does your friend like Star Wars? Suicide Squad? There’s a sweater for them!

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  • Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are huge right now. There’s one for every fandom. Honestly, just google *fandom* coloring book and there will be one. They’re great for the person in your life that wants to de-stress, or for me, become more stressed because I need it to be perfect!

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2. For the Pokémon Fandom:

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon

The Pokémon 3DS games, Sun and Moon, come out this year and would be perfect for any Pokémon fan out there. They’re slightly different than the previous games, but fun none the less. Did your friend become obsessed with Pokémon Go this year or have they been a long time fan? Then get them Pokémon Sun or Moon!


  • Pokémon Cookbook

A Pokémon cookbook came out this month and look how cute it is! This gift is perfect for any age and relatively cheap. It teaches you how to make the cutest Japanese inspired-Pokémon themed food.


  • Snorlax Slippers

It’s cold and snowy outside so why don’t you get your Pokémon obsessed fan some comfy Snorlax slippers. They have to keep their feet warm somehow while they’re playing Pokémon Sun and making you delicious Pikachu cakes.


3. For the Star Wars Fandom:

  • The Force Awakens Blu-Ray/DVD

Obvious gift is obvious! After you take your find to the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One you can surprise them by giving them The Force Awakens (hoping that they don’t already have it).


  • Star Wars Cookie Cutters

What’s more perfect than cookies? Nothing. But, we could make them even better by making them in the shapes of Yoda and Chewbacca! You can get your friend some of these cute cookie cutters (there’s so many characters!). Get some hot cocoa and help your friend make some Star Wars cookies.


4. Doctor Who

  • TARDIS Tree Topper

Has your friend always wished they had their own TARDIS? Well now you can give them their very own! In the form of a tree topper. How cool is this? Just tell them to be careful and not send their tree into another time period.


  • K-9 Door Stop

If your friend is a fan of the class Doctor Who, then maybe consider getting them this adorable K-9 door stop, for all their pesky door problems. Who wouldn’t want their own K-9?


5. For the Anime Fandoms:

  • My Neighbor Totoro (Winter) Picture Frame

This is the perfect gift to get your Studio Ghibli loving friend. Find a cute picture of the both of you and slap it into this gorgeous frame and voilà! Your friend will love it.


  • One Piece 3-Charm Keychain

Does your friend like One Piece? Do you like One Piece? Well, you could get matching keychains! They’re inexpensive and a cute token of friendship. If you don’t want matching ones, you can get a different set.

jjjq_one_piece_3charm_keychains_jolly_roger jjjq_one_piece_3charm_keychains_luffy_zoro_sanji

  • Funko POP Sailor Moon Figure

Funko POP figures have been crazy popular for the last couple years. If you friend collects them, or just collects figures for a certain fandom, they’re a great gift. Sailor Moon POP dolls came out this year and they’re the cutest things ever. Sailor Moon comes with a small Luna figure and Sailor Venus comes with Artemis. This is such a cute, cheap gift that you can get for you Sailor Moon loving friend.