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Time Runs Out: Secret Wars #1 Review

by Michael MacPhersonon May 7, 2015
Back in 1984, Marvel teamed up with Mattel to create a comic series that would also be directly tied into a toy series. Through focus groups it was determined that ‘secret’ and ‘wars’ were very popular with children and so Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars was born and written by Jim Shooter. It brought about […]

Wolverine Dead? Think Again

by Steph Mernaghon April 29, 2015
Comic readers knew when Marvel came out with the Death of Wolverine story arc that Logan would not stay dead for long. Indeed, the bitter old man will be coming back, seemingly against all odds, in Marvel’s Secret Wars. Brian Michael Bendis is tackling the story while rising star artist Andrea Sorrentino brings the old […]

Marvel’s Mightiest Women Assemble!

by Steph Mernaghon April 27, 2015
In May, an all new era begins with Marvel’s Secret Wars. Now, Marvel has given a first look at A-Force #1, backed by the creative team G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel), Marguerite Bennett (Angela: Asgard’s Assassin, James Patterson’s Max Ride: First Flight) and Jorge Molina (X-Men). As the Secret Wars begin, the Avengers as you […]

Hank Pym and Scott Lang Unite for Ant-Man Annual #1

by Steph Mernaghon April 22, 2015
It’s the team-up you’ve been waiting for! Just in time for the release of Marvel’s Ant-Man movie, it’s Hank Pym and Scott Lang together again this July in the pages of Ant-Man Annual #1. Blockbuster Ant-Man creative team Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas along with guest artist Brett Schoonover bring you an oversized Ant-Man tale […]

Fan Favourite Lando Calrissian Gets His Own Marvel Comic

by Shani Alleyneon April 17, 2015
What do we have here!? Lando Calrissian, everyone’s favorite smuggler, space pirate and charmer is back for his very own limited Marvel series. Fresh off his appearance in Star Wars Rebels, Lando is taking his rightful place among a long list of successful Marvel Star Wars comics which include Star Wars, Star Wars: Darth Vader, […]

Ultron Forever #1 Has a Surprising Lack of… Ultron

by Michael MacPhersonon April 6, 2015
500 years into the future, Ultron has won. Humanity is all but extinct – dead or enslaved by the Ultron Singularity. Now, seven Avengers are brought through time by Doctor Doom to battle the machine god for the fate of the cosmos… or die trying! It begins here – an epic adventure spanning the past […]

A Modern Classic Reborn in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope OGN!

by Steph Mernaghon April 3, 2015
Lucasfilm Ltd. and Marvel have already been changing the landscape of the Star Wars universe as we know it with upcoming films and stand alones, but the galactic fun doesn’t stop there. This May, the two companies will again join forces to bring fans back to the story that started it all as the first […]

Glory to the Hydra Empire in Hail Hydra #1

by EVAon March 25, 2015
Cut off one head, two more will take its place. Coming this July in the pages of Hail Hydra #1, Rick Remender and Roland Boschi are bringing comic fans a new Hydra – stronger, better, superior. This will be a part of Marvel’s new Secret Wars series and fans will see Hydra like never before. […]

Warner Brothers CEO Promises a Grittier DC

by EVAon March 16, 2015
The merits of Marvel vs. DC have been deliberated for decades, but if you’re taking stock in film adaptations, Marvel has been far ahead in the lead with their films killing at the box office and creating an appetite for sequels with even more story crossovers. With an abundance of DC films on the horizon […]

Who Should Be The First Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man?

by Shani Alleyneon March 9, 2015
The fires of excitement have been going for a few weeks over the Marvel deal to co-produce the next Spider-man movie. Recently The Wrap reporter Jeff Sneider threw some more gasoline on the fire during a recent Meet the Movie Press podcast when he slyly implied that his insider sources had told him that it […]