Wolverine Dead? Think Again

Wolverine Dead? Think Again

April 29, 2015 0 By Steph Mernagh

Comic readers knew when Marvel came out with the Death of Wolverine story arc that Logan would not stay dead for long. Indeed, the bitter old man will be coming back, seemingly against all odds, in Marvel’s Secret Wars. Brian Michael Bendis is tackling the story while rising star artist Andrea Sorrentino brings the old man to life on the pages of Old Man Logan #1.

Welcome back to the Wastelands, a land dominated by victorious super villains. The heroes of this land have all perished – butchered by their arch-enemies. Tyrants, terrors and madmen rule over this dusty waste. Hope left this land long ago. But there is one man who may yet make a difference. A man with nothing to lose…

Now, amidst the fire and the fury, a reluctant warrior pops his claws once more, and the war for Battleworld is brewing in his own backyard. As the event of Secret Wars unfold, will he find his life’s mission to rid the world of evil more attainable – or more futile than ever before? Find as a hero is reforged in the crucible of Battleworld. The journey begins with a resounding SNIKT… the X-Man formerly known as Wolverine crashes into Secret Wars in Old Man Logan #1.

Take a peek at the comic, as well as variant covers by Andrea Sorrentino, Steve McNiven and Skottie Young. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.