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Arrow Review: Great Action, Interesting New Character in “Second Chances”

by Jeff Fountainon February 2, 2017
I’ve had a hard time embracing this season, what with all the new characters and constant struggle to find some consistency, but if this episode is any indication then Arrow might have found its second wind as it continues on through its fifth season. Although not without its flaws, “Second Chances” gives us some great […]

Black Canary Vol 1: The Good, Bad, and Kick-Ass

by Mel Burkeon March 8, 2016
Black Canary Volume 1: Kicking and Screaming from DC Comics debuts this week. Following Dinah Lance’s new start as a lead singer in a rock band, the first trade of the character’s newest relaunch is packed full of retro-inspired art, diverse characters and, of course, Canary’s trademark ass kicking. Catch the full review below: See […]

Black Canary Steals The Stage With Issue #1

by EVAon June 18, 2015
Pack your bags and hit the road with Black Canary #1, an all new series from Brenden Fletcher (Gotham Academy) and Annie Wu (Hawkeye). The New 52 may have given everyone’s favorite bird a rough start, but this new chapter for Dinah proves to be quite the opposite. Life has been tough for Dinah, and […]

The Girl Has Pipes: Black Canary Recommended Reading

by EVAon June 16, 2015
As a force to be reckoned with and a Canary cry to match it, Dinah Lance, also known as the Black Canary can arguably be considered as one of the top heroines in the DC universe. Whether she’s alongside her fellow Birds of Prey, keeping Oliver Queen out of trouble, or running solo, there seems […]

Family Reunion – Convergence: Green Arrow #2 Review

by EVAon May 15, 2015
Another chapter closes for the DC Comics event Convergence with the finale of Convergence: Green Arrow. Author Christy Marx (Amethyst: Swords & Sorcery) and artist Rags Morales (Identity Crisis) have once again knocked it out of the park with their work on the two part title, delivering fans of Green Arrow both new and old […]

Do Talk About Superhero Fight Club

by Kaitlyn Smithon April 13, 2015
Earlier today, The CW released a video to their fans through their Arrow and Flash social media sites. At first glance this looks like a really cool, fan-made idea. Turns out this fan exclusive brings all of your favourite heavy-hitters to to one place. And this club only has one rule: there are no rules. Watch […]

Collector Spotlight Series: Marsden Dawn

by Laura Cerroneon March 23, 2015
Everyone has their hobbies and in our world, comics reign supreme. So it was easy to turn the scope on our own staff and find GCE writer Marsden Dawn with an envious comic collection. Predominately collecting DC comics and related materials, Marsden hails from Middletown, Delaware and shares with us her comics, figurines, posters, and more. […]

5 Comic Characters You Didn’t Know Were Irish

by Shani Alleyneon March 17, 2015
It’s St. Patricks Day, just in case you are wondering why everything from Google to your beer are now green. Either way, it’s the perfect day to pay tribute to the Irish members of the superhero community. We all know Banshee and the subtlety named Shamrock but who else has Irish blood pumping through their […]


Arrow’s Canaries Sing

by Laura Cerroneon February 11, 2015
Episode 13 – Canaries Teased as a Canary-centric episode, it turned out to focus elsewhere, but this wasn’t a bad thing. While Arrow, Roy, Laurel, Felicity, and Diggle worked to take down recently released Werner Zytle, there were big battles being tackled on a different front. The storyline between the Canaries resulted in an ending […]

Review of Arrow – Uprising

by Laura Cerroneon February 4, 2015
Episode 12 – Uprising The Emerald Archer Rises… and has returned to Starling City. And, at the last ten minutes, nonetheless. In Uprising, the ups outweigh the downs and at the end we are just happy to have Oliver back where he belongs. As the tension in the Glades has reached its tipping point, the […]