Arrow: Season 3 Predictions

Arrow: Season 3 Predictions

June 18, 2014 1 By Sean Skywalker

When it comes to television series, a mark of a great season is when I’m halfway through and already can’t wait for season three. The story is so rich, the character development is so strong that I’m not only anticipating what with happen at the end of season, but also how it will affect everyone in the next. Arrow season two hit that mark for me.

Arrow’s second season was action packed, with great characters and a few twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Here is a brief recap of season two just as a refresher:

Following the aftermath of the “Undertaking” and the death of his best friend Tommy, Oliver vows to change his ways of fighting the corrupt by not killing. This is made difficult by the onslaught of new villains and common trouble makers in Starling City. Oliver is faced with his most difficult task in taking down Deathstroke who has a power drug called Mirakuru pumping through his veins that gives him super strength and makes him all but invincible. But this season, Oliver has more help in the form of (Black) Canary and a Mirakuru fueled Roy Harper. Oliver juggled crime fighting and immense personal drama in the explosive, action packed second season.

Ra’s al Ghul

There has been mention of Ra’s’ name throughout season two. Ra’s trained Sara Lance (Aka Canary) to be the killer she is and when she escaped the League of Assassins, Ra’s sent members to bring her back, including one of his daughters, Nyssa. It would be safe to assume that in season three we should see Ra’s al Ghul come to Starling City, perhaps to try and recruit Oliver to the League of Assassins. Another character affiliated with Ra’s that many want to see in season three is Ra’s’ most famous daughter, Talia al Ghul. Early in the season we heard mention of the “daughter of Ra’s al Ghul”. Many suspected it to be Talia but later found out it referred to Nyssa. Ra’s and Talia al Ghul play a huge role in the DC Universe and hopefully we will see them in Starling City soon.


Bruce Wayne

A little while back a rumour was swirling around the an episode would air with a billionaire from neighbouring Gotham City coming to Starling City to visit Oliver. While this was only a rumour and there has yet to be such an episode, it’s still very plausible that Bruce Wayne might make an appearance. With Oliver’s company taken away from him and his fortune gone, the Dark Knight’s alter ego could come to offer Oliver a job at Wayne Enterprises. Another possibly giving the focus of the League of Assassins, is that if more assassins visit Starling City, Bruce Wayne could be among them. It would make sense that at this time that Bruce would still be with the League receiving his training. Perhaps it could be Oliver who convinces him to leave the League and return to Gotham.



Roy Harper is very important character in the Green Arrow universe. He is Oliver’s teenaged sidekick Speedy, Teen Titan member Arsenal, and later on took his place in the Justice League as Red Arrow. In the show we have seen Roy flexing his muscles as Oliver tried to train him and help him control the Mirakuru drug that gave Roy his super strength. During an episode in season two, Roy almost killed a man and it was Oliver calling him Speedy (His nickname for his sister Thea) that finally stopped his rampage. Roy later told Oliver to never call him that again. In the season two season finale, Roy was finally cured of the Mirakuru and joined Oliver and Canary with their battle to save the city. Roy was seen fighting wearing his trade mark red hoodie, a new red mask and wielding a red bow and arrows. Now that Roy has officially joined Team Arrow, perhaps in season 3 he will get proper equipment, his own uniform and possible the mantle of Arsenal.


With plenty of time between now and the season three premiere, many predictions can be made of what season will have in store for fans. We are patiently awaiting more information, hints and teases of what can come so we may further discuss the possibilities of future plots and characters. While no official release date has been announced, the CW has scheduled Arrow season three to premiere in Fall of 2014.