5 Comic Characters You Didn’t Know Were Irish

by on March 17, 2015

It’s St. Patricks Day, just in case you are wondering why everything from Google to your beer are now green. Either way, it’s the perfect day to pay tribute to the Irish members of the superhero community. We all know Banshee and the subtlety named Shamrock but who else has Irish blood pumping through their veins? You may be surprised at some of the characters that have Irish origins.


Before the heightened senses, yellow suit, red suit, the horns, the blindness and Netflix; Matt Murdock was an Irish kid growing up in Hells Kitchen in New York City. In more recent times, his Irish Catholic upbringing have been brought to the forefront and factor heavily in establishing his moral compass and decision making.


Black Canary

What’s with the Irish characters and screaming? From Banshee to Siryn to Sliver Banshee, many Irish characters take their superhuman vocal traits from the Celtic myth of the Banshee. Ironically, the All Star Batman and Robin version of the Black Canary (a character known for her piercing Canary Cries) did not have a piercing scream although she was Irish. Despite not having her cries, this version of Canary was still capable of delivering a beat down or two and even shared a kiss with the Batman himself.

Black Canary

Kyle Rayner

With Hal Jordan on a universe-wide killing spree, Earth needed a new Green Lantern. Who better to wield the green than Mama Rayners Irish boy, Kyle? Although his Irish roots aren’t fully explored, Mama Rayner does make him learn Gaelic from an early age. If mother only knew he would get a ring that could translate for him regardless she must be proud to see him wearing the green.

Kyle Rayner

Spider-man 2099

The Spider-man of the future, Miguel O’Hara, is often touted for his Mexican descent and therefore its easy to forget that he is half Irish through his dad George O’Hara. The most successful of the 2099 line, Miguel has seen a sudden rise in popularity due to the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time video games as well as appearances in Superior Spider-man and the Spider-verse titles.


Captain America

It’s true! Mister Red, White and Blue himself is Irish or Irish American if you want to split hairs. Steve Rogers or Stiofan Mac Ruaidhri, to use his Irish name, was born to poor Irish immigrant parents who sought the American dream in Brooklyn and had Steve in 1920. He’s entitled to an Irish passport if he ever applies and if that time comes, let’s hope for Stiofan’s sake that the application is not online.


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