Black Canary Steals The Stage With Issue #1

Black Canary Steals The Stage With Issue #1

June 18, 2015 0 By EVA

Black-Canary-1-CoverPack your bags and hit the road with Black Canary #1, an all new series from Brenden Fletcher (Gotham Academy) and Annie Wu (Hawkeye). The New 52 may have given everyone’s favorite bird a rough start, but this new chapter for Dinah proves to be quite the opposite.

Life has been tough for Dinah, and now she’s on the road homeless and penniless but not without a supportive group of people surrounding her. Here she’s found herself going by the stage name “D.D” and involved with a band known as the Black Canary. Yet even amongst the punk rock scene Dinah finds herself in more trouble then most could handle. Then again she’s not most people.

Although Black Canary #1 maybe follow the events that occur in the ongoing Batgirl series, that doesn’t make them a necessity to understand the issue.

Right out the gate fans our delivered with pulse pumping action as well as witty commentary not only from the Canary herself but from her fellow bandmates as well. Jet Lee meets Courtney Love in the form of the Black Canary as she delivers a serious beating to every thug who deserves as such. But seriously, the way this woman handles a microphone like it’s some kind of new age weapon is just beyond rad.

The creative team behind the series have taken the time to present readers characters that I already find myself becoming attached too. Byron, Heathcliff and even young Ditto construct a colorful cast that add to the scene. Even in the early days of their relationship with Dinah, the sense of family already feels prevalent.

Annie Wu’s distinct style alongside Lee Loughridge’s bright and vibrant colors, create a new and refreshing take on the character which honestly left me breathless with each page. The setting is perfect giving a feel of somewhere between 80’s glam rock and mid 90’s grunge.

But this story isn’t just about the butt kicking or even the glamorous rock and roll lifestyle, but rather one of a young woman’s struggle┬áto find herself and adapt. Black Canary hasn’t really changed all that much, even from her early days pre New 52, merely the surroundings in which she finds herself in.

I’ll admit that in the beginning I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the new direction it seemed that Black Canary would be heading. The idea that DC Comics seemed to essentially be “Batgirling” one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite character, left me bitter and honestly a little heartbroken. However I can assure readers, especially those that have followed Dinah faithfully through the years, that after reading her preview during Convergence and now finally her first issue that this is not the case. The creative team behind Black Canary have created a diverse world that suits her character in nearly every way. After all delve deep enough into some of Dinah’s origin stories and you’ll find a young Dinah in her room with Nirvana posters on the walls.

It seems that too many fans are worried that this new direction will be taking away from the character rather than seeing it as a new adventure that will strengthen her. Black Canary entered the room with a bang and will be leaving the room with such as she goes on to lead what will most likely be a fantastic series. Just wait till the first trade drops, it will definitely make the Black Canary recommended reading list! This first issue alone has wowed me in more ways that I could ever expect and I am only ecstatic to see what the future holds for our beloved heroine. Next month can’t get here fast enough but until then make sure to pick up Black Canary #1 at your local comic shop or pick up the issue digitally over on Comixology.

P.s: Just how cool is that variant by Tula Lotay?!