Arrow Returns- Did Oliver As Well?

Arrow Returns- Did Oliver As Well?

January 21, 2015 0 By Laura Cerrone

Episode 10Left Behind

The episode opens with a recap of the mounting plotlines in season 3, ending with the iconic scene of Ra’s al Ghul driving a sword into Oliver’s abdomen.

The show picked back up on action starting with a cop chase that goes poorly. Arsenal and Digg, dressed as the Arrow, try and put a stop to it, but their skills are only so limited.

They regroup back to Felicity and we are caught up with the time passage; it’s been three days since they have heard from Oliver. The show cuts back to a flashback of Oliver and Maseo Yamashiro in Hong Kong discussing the Omega. Amanda Waller tells them they shouldn’t be concerned about it, and need to concentrate on getting its counterpart Alpha – without Alpha, Omega cannot work.

After the flashback, Palmer is testing out a piece of his ATOM suit. Felicity enters and warns him of the danger of something like it.

felicity and palmer

Next we see Laurel in court making a case for a man named Fisher. She talks about how much evidence is stacked up against Fisher and the judge allows the case to commence without bail.

The episode circles back to down to the lab. Digg reveals that he has reached out to Lyla and ARGUS to help in the search for Oliver. One of the names in the police chase is revealed as Jorge Anton, but the concentration isn’t on the case they are working on and it rounds back to Oliver’s disappearance.

Speaking of the fate of Oliver, we see him lying motionless on a mountain ledge with someone walking up to him.

The episode continues picking up on Thea, who is training with Merlyn. She voices her concern since Oliver has seemingly disappeared again. Merlyn says he will reach out to his resources to find out where he has gone.

There is another flashback to Oliver and Maseo plotting how to break into the lab where they must retrieve the Alpha. Maseo says he will shoot out a window that Oliver will crash through to enter the lab.

Roy and Digg head to the warehouse Felicity had found connected to Jose Anton. While Roy is suited up, Digg passed over the Arrow costume, citing it was too tight to wear. The only thing they find at the warehouse is torched evidence, they collect a few singed papers and return to the Verdant. Before walking down to the lab they notice the door is open. There is a sudden glimmer of hope that Oliver may be still alive but instead the group finds Merlyn there. Merlyn has come to talk about Oliver, and to see if they have found out about his current status. Felicity is still adamant that Oliver is alive.

After Merlyn leaves, Felicity runs analysis on the burned evidence. Laurel stops by the lab to bring more information about Jose Anton, who is connected to Danny Brickwell – or just known as Brick. Laurel also asks about Oliver, and she sides with Felicity saying it’s not the first time she’s heard that he was dead.

Daniel Brickwell

Merlyn decides to find the information himself and heads to the mountain where he finds the sword covered in Oliver’s blood.

There is another flashback of Oliver trying to get through the window. It takes him a few tries to get in, but eventually he crashes through it. He finds the Alpha without a problem, but soon, him and the team are ambushed.

Merlyn brings the sword back to the lab and recounts the laws of the League of Shadows. He says that Oliver’s body is unrecoverable and that they probably won’t trust him about Oliver’s blood on the sword, but it truly is his. Felicity blames Merlyn for his death, citing that Oliver would do anything to protect Thea. Merlyn confides that Oliver’s death also wipes out the death warrant the League had on him.

From talking about Oliver’s death, the show switches over to seeing him. The person who had approached his lifeless body before is dragging Oliver in a makeshift gurney.

After that short vignette we get in touch with the mood back at the lab. It is completely silent until Felicity’s computer goes off. The blood sample has finished processing and it is a complete match to Oliver. Felicity leaves the lab to her other job at Palmer’s.

Roy is drinking at Verdant when Thea approaches him. She asks him for a favor since she knows he is Arsenal and has been working with the Arrow. Thea asks Roy if he could ask the Arrow to find Oliver. Roy goes to see Digg in the lab and confides that he is contemplating telling Thea the truth. Digg advises against it and concerns himself with the papers they found in the warehouse. The papers contain sequences of numbers. Digg makes the connection that these are the numbers to eight months of cases awaiting trials. He calls Felicity, but she doesn’t pick up at first. She is holding back tears as she talks to Palmer and tells him his ATOM plan won’t bring his fiancé Anna back. She then takes the call from Roy and Digg and they convince her to come back to the lab.

The trio make the connection that Brick wants to destroy the evidence to all these cases, freeing the men that Oliver, Roy, Digg, Felicity, and the police had worked so hard to catch.

Roy and Digg head over to the evidence storage where the robbery is already taking place. Digg is in a loosing battle with Brick when Felicity directs Roy to him, allowing the evidence to be taken but saving Digg’s life. Digg and Roy come back to the lab to criticize Felicity’s decision. She believes she did the right thing because she didn’t want to see any more of her friends taken and comments that she is done with helping clean up Starling City without Oliver.

Another flashback reveals that it has been Maseo dragging Oliver off the mountain, he comes to a cabin and knocks on the door.

In the next scene Felicity apologizes for blowing up at Palmer and reveals she has been feeling upset since she has lost a friend after loosing Sara three months ago.

Laurel asks Digg if Oliver is coming back, to which Digg says he doesn’t really know. She hugs Digg and before leaving the lab looks at the arsenal her sister used. Merlyn goes to Thea and tells her their lives are in danger and they need to leave Starling City forever. Brick brings the men with the cases dismissed to him and forces them to work for him.

As two of the men are leaving the building Brick had been talking to them in, Laurel, suited up as the Black Canary takes them down.

black canary v2

In the final flashback of the episode, Amanda Waller congratulates Oliver on getting the Alpha, but doesn’t like that he didn’t bring someone back to interrogate, especially the guy Oliver had let get away. Oliver reveals to only Maseo that he put a tracker on him instead to lead them to China White and his wife.

The episode closes with Oliver waking up, he begins to ask questions as to how is this possible. Maseo had brought Oliver to Tatsu, his wife in the flashbacks who had been kidnapped.